Expert Tips for Decorating a New Home

Putting together a freshly decorated home is no easy task, far from it as a matter of fact! It takes some serious patience, planning and not to mention money, so it’s no doubt that you’re probably feeling a little overwhelmed and stuck with just where to get started with your decorating process. Not to worry – you’re not alone, and you’ve found yourself in the perfect spot for a bit of guidance. Read on for five expert tips for decorating your new home in a fuss free, manageable way…

Have a think about your canvas

A big mistake that first time decorators tend to make is that they decorate for the house they want, not the house they have. It’s all well and good getting inspired by glossy mags and Instagram snaps, but you shouldn’t try to follow someone else’s styling to a t. Instead, take a proper look at the blank canvas that you’re working with. You might have gorgeous exposed beams that would be perfect for the French Country aesthetic, or maybe concrete floors that would blend amazingly with some Industrial styling? Cater to the home that you live in, and everything will flow cohesively whilst feeling natural.

Find your style

Once you’ve had a good look at the space that you’re working with, it’s time to figure out your decorating style. By styling within a design category, you’ll have enough limitations to keep you on the straight and narrow whilst still giving you the freedom to put your own unique and creative stamp on your home. Choose from boho, shabby chic or country if you like a cosy and warm vibe, classic or Hamptons for a luxe feel and contemporary, industrial or moaner for an edgier look.

Stick to a colour palette

This one is going to depend on the style category that you’ve chosen – that’s another plus of taking the time to find the right one for you! Working within a colour palette ensures that all of your rooms and different decor flows with one another. Choose five colours to feature in every room, this should consist of refined neutrals and two pop colours to add exciting accents here and there. Sticking to a colour palette will give you a professionally styled look.

Layer textures

Layering up different textures is the easiest way of making your rooms feel cosy whilst also looking fabulous. Add chunky knits, embroidered details, unfinished edges, worn wood and hardware accents for a perfectly styled and highly liveable home.

Factor in your lifestyle as a whole

Always keep in mind that you’re lucky enough to be putting together your own home, and therefore you have the luxury of designing it to suit your own lifestyle. Only you can really understand the needs and wants of your family, so sit everyone down and find out what everyone’s preferences are and whether there are any particular likes and dislikes within your household. Determine what rooms are going to get the most function, what styles work best with the ages and needs of your family and get everyone involved!

Start hunting

By now you should be ready to start shopping for furniture! Hop online or visit furniture stores in Fyshwick and greater Canberra to hunt for some amazing pieces to furnish your home. Be sure to take the dimensions of your house with you so that you can shop to scale and find items that are going to compliment your blank canvas.

Ready to get designing? With these tips, you’ll have a picture perfect home in absolutely no time.