Factors to consider while buying air cooler for home

The moment the scorching sun takes place of the windy cool breeze and season of summer kisses the cool and damp land lulled to sleep by the caring winters, people rush to their supplies store to get hold of the most cost effective yet powerful air conditioners they can get. However, they often overlook in this moment of frantic frenzy that there is yet another still cheaper and as effective if not more, solution to their sweaty faces which they may apply to get some relief in this weather.

Yes, air coolers are the solution we are talking about. With the advancement in technologies, man has developed and evolved the modest simple looking coolers we have grown up seeing. And these evolved models of cooler are highly efficient in their operation and do a good job in cooling the surrounding air. Also, there is the added advantage of them being cheap to buy online and simple to maintain since they do not employ complex components like the compressor and refrigerant gases. Thus, they are good for the environment too at the same time.

However, one needs to do a thorough analysis of one’s requirements before buying an air cooler online since they are specific to requirements and their effectiveness is reliant on these parameters.

Factors to consider

  • Climate: This is the most important factor to consider. If there is an abundance of hot, dry air which is more usually found in desert areas and thus there is less humidity then the most effective cooler would be the evaporative cooler. However, if the need is to cool a large area such as a hall then a desert air cooler would be the best choice to go with. Portable coolers might suit smaller living areas.
  • Running Costs: Power consumption of Air Cooler varies greatly in different models of the evaporative With the passage of over a year’s time, the running costs differ tremendously amongst different models. It is highly recommended to purchase evaporative air coolers which feature an inverter– which can potentially get rid of the resourceful and costly ‘start-halt-start-stop’ procedures of older systems, thus further conserving energy.
  • Cooling Capacity: Air coolers are rated for the space they are intended to cool. For some small window units, this may only be 150 square feet. This needs to be ensured so as to find the best suiting cooler for your needs. One would rather not end up with a small 100 square feet rated cooler for an auditorium!
  • Expected life of the cooler: If you are setting up your house and plan upon occupying it for many more years to come it would be wise to install a sophisticated cooling system which would suitably cool the interiors during summers. However, if you plan upon leaving the house soon then it would be better to install a small window mounted unit or even a portable cooler which may be easily removed and there is minimal risk of damaging it while shifting.
  • Capacity of cooler tank: You might want to check out on the water holding capacity you expect to see in the cooler. If the weather is extremely dry then a large tanked cooler would be recommended if not then it would be useless to dedicate space to a large tank rather a smaller unit might just do the trick in such a situation.

The onus is on you to choose the best possible solution out of the plethora of options available in the market. So, think, research and then go for your perfect air cooler!