Finding the Right Spot to Install the Air Conditioner in Your Home

Finding the Right Spot to Install the Air Conditioner in Your Home

Having the right position to install an AC in your home will enhance its cooling ability, and you will get the maximum output of the system just by positioning it in the right place. You would not want your air conditioner to work harder than it is intended to. Otherwise, the energy consumption will be more and thereby costing you more money.

Two ways to make the Ac work more efficiently are:

  1. Make sure there is a lot of room for air to flow freely around the AC
  2. Keep the AC as shaded as possible

The location of the units

The outdoor condenser unit of the air conditioner can be at any distance from the indoor evaporator of the air conditioner. Still, the farther apart they are, the bigger the diameter of connecting cables will be.

Keep the following tips from AC installation in Atlanta in mind while choosing a location for the condenser unit:

  • It should be placed at a location where it gets the least direct sunlight. One option is putting it nearby shades of trees and shrubs or by facing the eastern side.
  • You should keep the unit away from a section of the wall with a window. This is for you to avoid seeing the unit outside your window.
  • It is best to put the unit in the backside or side yard of the house as putting it in the front might ruin your houses’ appeal.
  • Do not put the condenser where snowdrifts accumulate or where snow will pile up.
  • Do not put the condenser at a place where water runs off.

Blending your air conditioner to your landscape

Once you have chosen the site for your air conditioner, you will want to camouflage it to make your house look more attractive. You need to ensure to keep a few distances from the unit, though, as air must flow freely, and there must be no blockages.

Here is how you can hide it:

  • Plant shrubs around it

Make sure that the shrubs do not grow towards the unit and block the unit.

  • Build a screen to hide it

You can build a screen with a door so that you can access the air conditioner through it.

  • Build a box to surround it

If you try this, make sure that you can access all the sides of the condenser unit.

With these tips from AC installation in Atlanta, you can find the right place to install an air conditioner.