Finer Arrangement of the Right Furniture

Arranging furniture in an office is not such an easy task as it might seem at first glance. It is not enough just to purchase and place furniture, you need to do it the same way to ensure maximum convenience for working people, to make their work efficient and of high quality. When arranging furniture in such specific rooms as offices, it is necessary to have specific knowledge, an understanding of the rules and standards of accommodation for employees, and some trick. For the meuble calligaris you can have the best deal now.

Office furniture placement: creating a working triangle

The triangle rule is recommended to be used not only when planning the situation and decorating the kitchen, it is also effective and efficient when arranging furniture and in office premises.

For maximum ease of work and comfortable movement around the office premises, the arrangement of furniture in the office should provide minimal time for operations not related to work.

  • The main points, that is, the vertices of the triangle must be considered:
  • Desktop
  • Capacious curbstone
  • Rack for storing documents

There is also a rule that distinguishes the location of furniture in the office from the kitchen – in no case should you install any furniture with sliding drawers behind the back of the chair.

Office furniture arrangement: small office and open office

If the study does not differ in large area, it is recommended to install a cabinet or a low rack near the window or under it. The table should be placed diagonally in order to be able to enjoy the view from the window and see visitors entering the office. Also, this arrangement is able to add natural light to the workplace, which is very important when constantly working at the computer.

  • It is recommended to sit at the desk in such a way as not to sit with your back to the front door. Visitors should always be in front of their eyes, and the computer or laptop monitor should be reliably protected from prying eyes.
  • In large offices, an open floor plan is often used without the use of partitions, and even transparent ones are refused. At the same time, tables can be located both in the center of the room and around the perimeter of the office. A document rack is recommended to be installed near one of the walls or in a corner.

When the office is located in a large office center, it is possible that instead of one of the walls there is a huge window in the room from the ceiling to the floor. In this case, the application of the triangle rule is very difficult and it is recommended to arrange office furniture in the shape of the letter “P”, leaving a passage along the window.

The desktop and the cabinet with this arrangement are combined into a single composition and occupy the angle opposite to the window. The rack should be placed along one of the walls adjacent to the window opposite the door. With this arrangement, you will have to sit with your back to the window, but at the same time the front door will be visually diagonal, which will allow visitors to enter the office.

A distance of approximately 120 cm must be maintained between the table and other furniture to ensure convenience when moving. You can also connect the table and the rack, resulting in an additional working area.