Frequently Asked Questions About Electric Pressure Washer Answered

#1: How do I beginmy electric pressure washer?

  • Include a garden hose betweenthe pressure washer and water supply.
  • Attach or add a high-pressure hose between pressure washer and spray wand.
  • Turn the water on.
  • Depress the trigger on the spray wand in order topurge any air or water from the unit.
  • Hold and depress the trigger on its spray wand in order to relieve any inbuilt pressure in the pump and then continue holding the trigger while having the “ON” position switched on.

#2: Why won’tmy electric pressure washer start?

In case you are having difficulties starting the electric power washer, then there are certain things you should consider and check.

Do not makeuse ofany extension cord. They can surprisingly shorten the life of thewasher. If you must utilize one, then itshould be a 12-gauge wire of above 24 feet in length. Making use of any length of 18, 16, or a lighter gauge extension cord may not supply sufficient power to the pressure washer also the motor will not run or start properly. This can also make your fuse to explode or the circuit breaker to starttripping. Running any electric pressure washer on an extension cord with a light duty will lead to permanent damage to different internal switches or electric motor.

If your washer is not making any noise, the first area to look for the fault is the electrical cord. Ensure that it is directly plugged into a wall socket, has a very tight connection and that the outlet could provide complete grounded power to operate the pressure washer.

#3: Why has the electric power washer motor suddenly stopped?

Do not make use of an extension cord. They can easily shorten the lifespan of the machine.

  • Confirm to see if your electric cord has got unplugged.
  • Confirm to see if the machine GFCI has gotten tripped.
  • Check the fuse box to observe if the machine breaker has gotten tripped. Re-plug the cords and then flip the breakers.

NOTE: to properly reset the GFCI, connect the GFCI into any “working” outlet and then press the washer “Reset” button. The GFCI should be connected into any working outlet so you to properly reset the switch. If the washer GFCI is not connected into any working outlet it will definitely not reset.

#4: Where can I purchase a reliableelectric pressure washer

I will recommend you check reviews online and make sure any pressure washer provider you are going for has a washer that perfectly suits your needs. Even though I usually recommend Unimanix electric pressure washerto people, you can also do your own research and come up with the nest for you.