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Living in orlando provides many benefits to local homeowners. When performing work to your home- finding the right handyman is often a tough task because so many options exist and most do not know who the right person is to hire.

If you go to various sites for a plumber you may find yourself in a flurry of information with now way to verify which is true and which is not.

If you need a orlando vacation homes for sale there should be a way to find the right professional contractor. Many claim to be the Uber of Handyman or contracting service but having work performed INSIDE your home is not a “click and appear” type of service.  Research on the handyman should be performed and that is why one local  contractor created EFynch (based in Baltimore Maryland).

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EFynch was founded by Teris Pantazes, an entrepreneur who owned a contracting/ roofing/ and solar energy business in Annapolis Maryland. Growing up outside Washington D.C. in suburban Maryland, Teris moved to Towson/ Timonium and could not find the right handyman. He was mounting a TV and had trouble finding help.

Although he owned a construction company, all of his contact were closer to Washington D.C. in Maryland Suburbs Laurel, College Park and Chevy Chase. Here in Towson/ Timonium there were trades (and Towson Univeristy)- but no access.

EFynch was born after using an online freelance website and Teris knew there was an application for this to work within the trades (finding the right plumber, contractor, painter, electrician, landscaper, etc.).

It was then that Baltimore became the home of the Maryland based home improvement app EFynch. Also available on the web. EFynch is quickly gaining a reputation for providing real time pricing, options which include comparing all available handymen for a project from the licensed pro, side worker, moonlighter, and even amateur like the summer vacation teacher or college student laborer.

An example of this was a project last fall where one Crofton Maryland family needed a new roof (EFynch handles large and small projects). Initially they called a well known, local roofer and received a bid for $25k! This was negotiated down to $20k but the new homeowners decided to try EFynch. They posted a picture of their project on the website and within 2 days received roofing bids ranging from $15k to $18k. Ultimately they found the right roofer for a price in the middle and if they hadn’t used EFynch or negotiated, they would have paid $7k more for a roof which EFynch helped them find at a fraction of the original cost.

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