Get Your Vinyl Storage Shed the Way You Want It

An outdoor storage shed is a real convenience for housing yard tools and seasonal items. These sheds have come a long way from the metal units of yesteryear. Today they are available in several materials including wood, metal, resin, and vinyl. The vinyl storage building is one of the newer low maintenance types of material on the market.

Let’s talk about the advantages of vinyl sheds. The beauty of vinyl is the low maintenance, variety of types, and excellent construction. When researching, here are some qualities to look for:

  • Vinyl does not rot, it does not need painting and can come in a wide variety of exterior finishes.
  • Look for top construction with 2×6 floor joists.
  • High quality sheds come with 3/4″ tongue and groove flooring.
  • Ask for the framing to be 16″ on center.
  • Inquire about having trusses with steel gussets.
  • Look for boxed in corner stud construction.
  • Does it have a diamond plate door threshold?
  • Is the roof metal?
  • Was the roof constructed with a felt paper underlayment?
  • Look for a roofline drip edge.
  • Windows should have grid and screens
  • Is there a warranty on the metal roof?

Customizing your shed can be fun as well as getting the building the way you want it. Some companies offer packages that can upgrade your shed, so you have the features that you want. Packages can look like this:

Deluxe Package Upgrade that comes with a double door, two windows with shutters, and two roof vents located on the gable walls just under the roof peak.

Porch Package that comes with a double door, two windows with shutters, and two roof vents the gable walls just under the roof peak and a 4×8 corner front porch with a door.

Garage Package that will turn your shed into a garage. This package includes a panel overhead door plus double doors and you can add-on insulated windows with shutters.

One of the toughest yet important choices you will make is your roof style. There are several that are very popular. Choosing one that will compliment your home roofline will allow the shed to blend into your landscape.

  • The Gable Roof is a steep pitch roof good for ridding rain, ice, snow, and does not hold fallen tree debris. It offers additional attic space.
  • Hip Roof has four sides and is good in high wind and snow areas. It is more stable than a gable roof. It is good for attic space.
  • Flat Roofs are not really flat but has a slight pitch for water runoff. Inexpensive to build and maintain in most areas.
  • The Barn or Gambrel Style Roof is an oldie but a goodie. Its double-sided slant roof offers attic storage while using simple construction. It is attractive to look at, and inexpensive to construct.

You may want to make a list of how you want to utilize your new vinyl storage shed so you can properly research what is available. Include the features you want, and the look you like. You can have your shed built just the way you want it.