Getting a Commercial Carpet Cleaning

When you get a commercial carpet cleaning done is much the same as having your commercial windows washed.  Just as the windows are the mirror to your business’ cleanliness and operations to your customers, having clean carpet is too.

Carpet is essentially the number one floor covering in the commercial business world.  With the introduction of the workstations and cubicles, an office can have carpet from floor to ceiling; therefore, the carpet in a commercial building needs to be kept the utmost cleanest possible.

Area rugs that have been placed within the lobby area, wherever, there is uncarpeted areas, is another heavy traffic area, and these rugs also need heavy cleaning.

But, how do you know if a commercial carpet cleaning business is really a good business and stands by their advertisements.

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How often do Manufacturers recommend carpet cleaning?

Carpets should be cleaned once a year, particularly if they are in high-traffic areas, as commercial traffic carpet is.  Carpet manufacturers actually recommend cleaning every 12-18 months for optimal care of the carpeted area.

If your carpet is a “nylon” based carpet, it is important to clean it often, nylon contains a “hydrogen molecule” which is what causes the carpet to literally bounce back to life when it has been cleaned.

Hot Water Extraction and Steam Cleaning

This is another term that is most incorrectly called “steam cleaning.”  With “hot water extraction” cleaning, it is quite different from actual steam cleaning.  What happens with this sort of cleaning is that hot water (usually combined with a cleaning solution to get rid of any stains) is sprayed onto the carpet and then sucked off with the machine.  This is actually quite different from steam cleaning.  Today’s carpet cleaning era is using the two terms interchangeably—hot water extraction and steam cleaning.  But we are going to study and learn the difference in this article.

With a professional steam cleaning machine, the professionals use either a portable or a truck mounted machine. Portable units are much easier to bring inside to apartments or condos; however a truck mounted machine has much more power and can clean even the dirtiest of carpet.

There are so many do-it-yourself steam cleaners on the market, many wonder if it is cost-effective to hire a professional at all; however, for small areas, it is okay to “do-it-yourself” but for the deeper stains, you’re much wiser to call the professionals.

Risks of “doing it yourself”

Along with anything else, when you chose to “do-it-yourself” you must ensue you do it correctly.  The carpet should not remain very wet after a professional machine has cleaned them, however, with a home style machine; it often isn’t powerful enough to suck out all the water and therefore, leaves the carpet very wet. Do not put your furniture back on the wet carpet.  Use fans to dry the carpet first.  There are so many things that can go wrong when trying to attempt to steam clean your carpet yourself; such as too much cleaner being used, not knowing the speed to go along the carpet when putting on the cleaner and then sucking it off; you are much better off and in the long run it will be more cost effective to call a professional for a commercial carpet cleaning.