Go For The Painted Wood Flooring For Designer Look

Those days are history when you have to rely on the normal textured floor planks. These textured woods can now be painted for that unique touch to it, making floors even more attractive. If you don’t like the normal generic texture and currently looking for something a bit different, then these wooden planks are just perfect for you to consider. These painted wood flooring options are available in multiple variations, just to make them look amazing and over the top at the same time. Just be sure to log online and get in touch with the painted versions first before choosing any one of the available options.

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More on the options:

It is really mandatory for you to check out more on the color variations before you can get your hands on the wooden planks around here. Logging online will lead you to so many options and you can choose the right one among the lot. You can have the artist studio floor, which has rough black textures on top of wooden planks. On the other hand, you can try your hands on the blue painted engineered oak plank, which has the finest mix of blue and white to top it all.

Other options to catch up with:

Apart from the two most major options just mentioned, there are so much more for you to try out. You have the painted oak under single layer. It is available in 98 colors, just to help you make the right choice over here. There are multi-colored and bespoke layers available too, and even painted two layers and bespoke as some of the other options in this segment. There are some pine wall cladding limed services available too, in this sector for you. Just be sure to catch up with the right ones after checking out the options.