Handy Hints For Brightening Up A Bathroom Suite

It is common knowledge that the Bathroom suite is amongst the most commonly used rooms in the home, which implies that you’ll want to make sure it looks good, offers functionality and is comforting. Listed here are some suggestions as well as tips to look at if you are thinking of upgrading your current bathroom suite – making informed decisions will allow you t make the right choices.

Consider The Shape And Size Of your Bathroom:

Initially you should think about the shape and size of your own bathroom suite. The actual bathroom furniture you select should be suitable for your particular bathroom suite. There isn’t any kind of thing as 1 size fits all, so what may look a good fit for 1 bathroom may necessarily not be a good fit for another. Your own Bathroom suite should have a relaxing a spacious feel to it and shouldn’t be overcrowded with clutter.

Considering Materials And Colour Schemes:

The actual colour scheme of your bathroom is very important, as are bathroom suite furniture materials that you will be using. Bathrooms tend to have relaxing pastel colours, however it is looking more common now for bathrooms suites to have warmer, bolder colours like orange and terracotta as well as different pastel shades. When it’s all said and done, your new bathroom suite needs to suit your own personality.

Regarding materials, wood has long been quite popular and will slot in nicely along with traditional and modern styles. Wood bathroom suite fixtures may either be all-natural solid wood, or even man-made wooden effect. Wood bathroom suite furniture is commonly the cheapest, yet is usually typically durable and strong.

Practicalities And Storage Solutions:

In addition to ensuring your own bathroom suite looks decent, you’ll want to think about the practicalities regarding storage space too. It’s totally possible to accomplish sufficient space for storage in line with a stylish and comforting bathroom suite design. Look at the things you need and want to keep within your own bathroom suite, and ensure the bathroom suite units that you decide to go with fit the bill.

Keeping your Design Consistent:

You should consider keeping your design consistent, and ensure that the actual items inside your brand new bathroom suite look suitable as well as fit in well together. If you are planning on having rounded corners, try to create a theme which is consistent throughout, and is not broken up by a concept of design which looks misplaced and disorganised. When considering materials, be careful not to mix polished metals along with wood grains. Some contrasting textures, colours and styles will work well together when it comes to interior design, which will often lead to design faux pas. Aim for a consistency of materials just to be on the safe side.


So to conclude, your own bathroom suite is no doubt 1 of the most used rooms in your house and should be a place where you enjoy spending time inside your own home. It’s possible to receive beautifully-crafted, functional and relaxing bathroom suites with brand new bathroom suite furniture at a sensible cost. You may develop your very own brand new bathroom suite design by choosing your very own Bathroom Furniture or get some help and advice from a professional interior designer.

The main element of achieving a brand new bathroom suite look on a budget is ease-of-use. But what do you do if you want a look that is more complex and requires more thought? Below is some guidelines on how to look for a design that is both practical, functional and gives you something to be proud of.

The initial step to update your bathroom suite is to start with remodelling. When your current fixtures are in reasonably good condition and don’t look too outdated, you can probably skip this step. It’s worth thinking about installing simple new sanitary ware even during these types of situations. When you are going through the hassle of re-decorating your own bathroom suite, having a simple shower system installed, as well as a clean design will no doubt leave you feeling satisfied and will probably help add extra value to your property as well.

The key to long life is set in steering clear of needless fussiness and details when it comes to your own bathroom suite redesign. A basic white coloured, contemporary modern bathroom suite, whether straight or curved edged, provides you with a fantastic foundation for this as well as long term bathroom suite redecoration jobs.

The actual products that are encompassed by the word ‘bathroom suite’ will change through provider to provider. A WC and a basin will probably be the minimum included. It’s often recognized that a complete suite should include a bath, basin and WC; sometimes a shower enclosure could be substituted with a new bath.

It is possible to find a WC suite and basin suite from only approx £80; bathroom suites that include a shower will probably start off around £160-200. Keep in mind that this often won’t include things like towel rails or taps, and therefore your own bathroom seat might be an extra cost, particularly if you prefer a soft closing toilet seat.

If you are planning on upgrading your own budget bathroom suite, it will work to your advantage if your basin and bath taps have to be purchased individually. Faucets (or brassware) are a good way to provide a bit of flair to a basic bathroom suite: Something like a waterfall mixer would be a great addition to any new bathroom suite (in which the spout is open at the very top and you will begin to see the water flowing along and out). Spend a bit more to obtain a well-crafted tap – sleek movement, streamlined design and sturdiness will cover the costs for themselves in the long-term and this should be seen as a long term investment.

Bathroom suite accessories are another wonderful way of brightening up any bathroom suite and will help with putting the finishing touches to your own preferred look. A complete set of similar bathroom suite components (think dispensers, robe hooks, toilet roll holders, tumblers and toilet roll holders, toothbrush holders…) within your preferred finish and style will add not just depth but additionally a degree of style and luxury to your bathroom suite design.