People typically think of headboards for beds as an essential piece of furniture for your bedroom. Whether you prefer wooden or upholstered, headboards are an easy way to customize your bedroom. But we got to thinking, is there a functional purpose for headboards or are they just for aesthetics? Why do you need a headboard? Reasons why you need a headboard include: The Headboard Keeps the Cold Away One of the main reasons why the headboard was developed in ancient times was to help the person in bed stay warm and toasty at night. The headboard was traditionally made of wood, and served to insulate the sleepers from the cold.

Today’s Modern Headboards

Today, headboards can be considered space filler not only on a big, open wall, but also between the wall and the bed, keeping pillows from falling off the bed during the night. Nothing is more frustrating than waking up with no pillows because they’ve fallen off the bed.

Most headboards and footboards today are often more of a decorative piece of furniture that enhances the overall aesthetic of a bedroom. A stylish headboard can make an entire bedroom seem cozier and more comfortable than just a bare wall. Cozy bedrooms naturally make it easier to get comfortable and fall into deep, quality sleep.

Sure, there may not be an actual functional purpose requiring headboards to be in every bedroom. But if having one could make you more comfortable and improve your sleep quality, our Mattress Firm team most definitely recommends them.

Beds without Headboards

Since headboards are more of an aesthetic item now, there are unlimited ways to style your sleep space. For those who don’t like the look or feel of a headboard, there are plenty of alternatives to choose from. Whether you prefer to paint the wall as your headboard, use a piece of art at the head of your bed, or you want to roam free and use no headboard at all, the choices are endless. However, if you are using the wall or a wall with art at the head of your bed, it’s important to use an internal wall rather than external. If the other side of the wall is exposed to the outside and poorly insulated, you may find yourself in the same predicament that made people invent headboards in the first place! Also, it’s important to make sure your pillows and your head are far enough from the art to avoid any kind of damage or injury during sleep.

Are there headboard options for every bed?

There are headboards according to each bed type. Whether you are in need of full bed headboards, are searching for the best  headboards for queen beds or need a headboard that will work with your adjustable base, there is a size to fit your bed and a style to fit your preference. Most headboards easily attach to a bed frame or adjustable base by screwing into the frame.