Heat Pumps: An Alternative For Solar Panel Heater

If you are not interested in installing solar panels on your rooftop as they affects the beauty of your house, then you can go for installing a heat pump that works differently as the solar heater or geyser, and will perform the same task as they are doing for you.

How does a heat pump work?

As the name suggests the heat pump works on the principle in which the heat from the surroundings is pumped inside your house to make your house warmer and this heat can also be used to heat water for your bath and can also regulate your swimming pool’s temperature in winters. These can also be attached with the solar geyser and a hybrid system is prepared to work both the technologies in a single system.

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Your swimming pool is only used for three months in a year, as most of the time, its water in so cold to use it.  The heat pumps used to heat the water of your pool make it usable throughout the year. It absorbs heat from your surroundings and use this heat to warm water of your swimming pool, and make it usable throughout the year.

The heat pumps are the best alternate for your geyser and can better heat up water for your bathroom use. It also saves plenty of electric units and save thousands of Rand for you. You can better use this much amount in other investments and make more profit from that. So it is better to use a heat pumpinstead of a light consuming geyser.

How much you have to pay to buy a heat pump for you?

The heat pump prices depend on the size of pump you want to buy for your use. The price of heat pumps starts from R12500 and will vary according to the size of the heat pump.