Hiring a Licensed Electrician in Toronto: Types of Licenses that you should Check

Electrical work is dangerous and calls for the highest qualifications and experience in order to safely and efficiently handle it. Thus, there are certain licenses that prove that a technician has fulfilled all requirements for taking up the job. If you want to hire a licensed electrician in Toronto, it pays to be aware of the exact credentials to look out for. Remember that a license may well determine the safety of your home and its occupants. But which types of licenses should you look out for when hiring a licensed electrician? Well, here is what you should know:

  1. Apprenticeship

Like all careers, electrical work has a beginning. People who are fresh from the classroom cannot be allowed to perform any electrical work without supervision. Usually, they work under an electrician who has years of experience on the job. When an electrician produces only an apprentice license, therefore, it means that they have not amassed the necessary experience to take up responsibilities regarding electrical work solely. Don’t allow them to work in your home, office or any other premises if they are not accompanied by a qualified supervisor.

  1. Journeyman License

When apprentice electricians spend some time under supervision—usually two to four years—they are ready to join the next level and experience in electrical work licensing. By then, they should not only have gained experience but also hands-on training on the field. Keep in mind the fact that apprentices are indeed electricians who get paid for their work, although just a fraction of what more experienced professionals receive. That said, a journeyman license demands that the person obtaining it should have worked in the electrical industry for a certain number of hours and take an exam to prove worth of gaining it. After they receive the license, they no longer have to work under supervision and they are given more demanding responsibilities. In other words, you can safely hire anyone who produces a valid journeyman license.

  1. Master Electrician License

Master electricians are at the top of electrical work professionals. Their qualifications include having worked as journeymen and under the supervision of master electricians. In addition, they must take an exam to prove their expertise and experience in different areas of electrical work. Their responsibilities include supervising journeymen, coming up with plans for laborers, and creating ideas for electrical projects. If you want to hire top professionals for your residential or commercial electrical project, a master electrician is your best option. Remember, however, that you will have to pay more for their services than you would for work done by a journeyman.

Final Thoughts

The kind of electrical work you want done on your Toronto premises should determine the level of qualifications of the electricians you hire. If, for example, the work only involves electrical renovations, you would be better hiring a journeyman – with the assistance of an apprentice if you like. On the other hand, a master electrician would be a perfect fit for new building projects or a situation in which you need a complete overhaul of electrical systems. Remember, there is no safe alternative to hiring a licensed electrician in Toronto. You not only abide by the law but also ensure that you avoid the dangerous consequences of hiring an unskilled electrician.