Home Improvement Projects: When to DIY and When to Call in the Pros

If you’re a professional contractor and you have a solid team to help assist you with a home project, you can most likely handle it on your own. If not, and you are more just a weekend warrior type, it’s best to take a step back to see if you can really tackle the project easily or not. If you can’t, or you’re unsure, you’ll definitely want to call in for backup.  Small projects can easily be done if you’re fairly knowledgeable with power or specialty tools, but if you’re not, you don’t want to waste money and time on attempting to complete it. Here are just a few examples of some things you may be able to do and others that a professional contractor should handle.

A New Custom Deck or Porch

Have you been considering adding a new deck to your home? It can really improve the aesthetics of your property and boost overall curb appeal. Obtaining a new customized deck that fits the needs of your family and of your home is important. If you’re able to measure properly and you have the right tools and equipment to complete the job so the turnout is accurate and safe, then you shouldn’t have to call in a contractor. Be sure that you pull the proper building permits that you need and you analyze the footings of the deck properly so that it’s stable and safe. Maybe you’ll need a backhoe, concrete mixer or other equipment brought in. If you’re not sure on how to use these properly, leave it to the professionals.

Bug Infestation

One thing that no one likes to discover as they are cleaning or moving furniture is a high volume of pesky bugs running around. Bugs that make their way in from time to time are often no problem, but if you find you have an aggressive bug that is taking over your space, you’ll likely have to call in the pest control pros. Carpenter ants, termites, fleas and bedbugs are all insects that can quickly cause mass destruction to your living area. With many of these insects, you may be able to use a spray, trap or treatment from a home improvement store to help kill off the pests. But, if the problem is widespread or keeps reoccurring, you’ll definitely need a professional to come in, analyze the situation and use a high-strength bug killer to eradicate the problem. 

For bedbugs, you may need to have a professional come in and use heat technology to eradicate the bugs. Bedbugs die when heat treated at temperatures of at least 113 degrees Fahrenheit, but sometimes their heat-resistant eggs need temps to come in at about 125 in order to completely stop the infestation. It’s important that you treat every exposed area, and you may have to throw out your furniture or mattress. Leaving one queen bedbug behind or an egg can lead to a repeat infestation in a matter of days.  

New Landscaping Accents

If you’re a plant-lover and you’re always getting new perennials from the garden center, you probably know the ins and outs of where it will grow and thrive the best. But what about a complete yard landscaping overhaul? In order to create a gorgeous landscape, you may need to do a few things, including:

  • Tearing up grass or turf to prepare for new garden beds or grass
  • Pulling out large bushes and overgrown trees
  • Adding a retaining wall and steel enforced underground barrier
  • Placing a stone stairway or adding large stone accents throughout your yard
  • Planting large trees and bushes
  • Placement of an underground irrigation system
  • Adding a paver brick patio or fence
  • Incorporating a swimming pool, hot tub or garden pond

If you’re knowledgeable on any of these topics, feel free to conquer with some help or assistance. If you feel as though you really need some help with doing it, don’t hesitate to call a professional landscaping company for professional installation.

Kitchen and Bath Upgrades

A minor kitchen or bath upgrade such as a new appliance can be delivered and installed by the retailer in most cases. They may charge extra to reroute plumbing in some cases. If you need something like a new countertop or ceramic tile flooring, always call in the pros. If you DIY the project, you could end up making a mistake in which case you would have to replace the supplies and materials.

For many weekend warriors, small projects can be rewarding and leave a great impression on friends and neighbors. But if you think you may be biting off more than you can chew, call in the pros!