How Do Customers Benefit From Using Mobile Storage

Today, the popularity of mobile storage units is on the rise. It is said to offer to customers a number of advantages which the traditional use of self-storage unit facilities are unable to provide. But not many people know what exact mobile storage refers to or how to use it to their advantage. Let us try to gain some Info on the same.

What is mobile storage

Storage becomes a necessity when people want to store items from their homes or offices. It becomes mandatory especially when people move from one place to another. Packing, transporting, unpacking etc., everything involved in the translocation becomes a big hassle. But the introduction of mobile storage units has made the work easier to accomplish. These come in the form of small portable units which enable the renter to:

  • Pack their belongings conveniently,
  • Transport them easily either to self-storage unit or new home,
  • Unpack the belongings at leisure etc.

Since these can be rented for any length of time as per the convenience of the renter, they make for an extremely viable method of ensuring the safety and surety of the belongings throughout the transition.

Benefits of mobile storage

Translocation can be a very long-drawn and difficult process especially if one opts to use the traditional self-storage facility. Dealing with taking the belongings to and from these units can prove to be quite a hassle. But this is where mobile scores over traditional self-storage facilities by offering its renters a host of benefits like:

  • Convenient accessibility: This is probably the biggest advantage of using mobile storage units. When rented, these units get delivered to the renter’s home or office as required where they can be packed and loaded at a time which is convenient for the renter. Typically these mobile storage units are rented for a month at a time but the period can go up or down depending on the requirement of the renter. Thus the renter is in no rush to either pack or unpack his belongings and he is also able to assess better his space requirements for storage.
  • Ease of transportation: Since these are small units, they can be easily transported from one place to another and this transportation can be facilitated with just a single call from the mobile. In fact this transition can also be scheduled beforehand if one knows the date at which he needs the mobile units to be transferred.
  • Budget friendly: Translocation is always costly business and people generally fix up a budget for this and tend to stick to since. Hence every penny counts when it comes to moving lock stock and barrel from one place to another. Hiring a mobile storage unit involves paying for just the unit and the cost of transporting it from one place to another. It is not necessary for the renter to hire people if he does not want to. Thus mobile storage units facilitate savings by dispensing with the need to transport materials to self storage facilities and then getting them back.
  • Packing and unpacking at leisure: Since these units are generally rented for whole month, the renter can pack and unpack at leisure. There is no pressure on him to complete the task within a short period and hence the whole process is carried out in a stress-free, hassle-free environment.

How to use mobile storage units

Most self-storage facilities have mobile storage facilities and these can be booked online from their website or even on the phone. The mobile storage unit gets delivered at the renters place at a time of his choice. The renter can then fill it up with his belongings at leisure and have ample space to fit in staking boxes, appliances, large furniture etc. They are also available in different sizes which the renter can choose as per his convenience. Once the packing and loading is complete, the renter requests for a delivery date and the unit is picked up and moved and delivered to its destination at the delivery date. In fact if there is some delay between the renter reaching the destination and the delivery of the mobile storage unit, he can even request for it to be stored at a self-storage unit and delivered later.