How Do I Choose A Waterproofing Contractor For My Basement

Basement flooding is a relatively common occurrence. A lot of households would have experienced this at one time or the other. Expectedly, when that happens, the only logical thing is to look for a solution to the problem. 

While there are many ways to deal with basement flooding, one thing that cannot be denied is the role of a professional waterproofing contractor when it comes to implementing some of those strategies and solutions. However, it has to be said that getting a good and reliable waterproofing contractor for your basement might not be as easy as you think. Consequently, we will outline some tips to follow measures to take when it comes to getting a contractor for basement waterproofing.

Look up Angie’s List or a related site

When it comes to user-generated reviews of contractors, there is hardly any community website that does is better than Angie’s list. They have reviews for all types of contractors, from general professionals to the more specialized ones. As a result of this, whenever you get into a discussion with any waterproofing contractor, endeavor to check if they have an entry in Angie’s list so that you can know what clients say about them. You must do this before you formalize the agreement with them. This is very important to do before you make final decisions.

Ask for references

Whenever you meet a potential contractor, demand for references from them. Tell them to show you pictures of houses that they have worked on in the past. Another thing that could tell you a lot about the professionalism and reliability of a contractor is their ability to provide you with customer testimonials or letters of recommendation. Even if the contractor doesn’t give you themselves; you shouldn’t shy away from asking them.

Request for a specific written bid

Before you settle for any particular contractor, you can request a specific written bid from a select set of contractors and compare the bids with one another. You should provide as much detail and information as possible to each of the potential contractors. In fact, you can invite them over to your house to assess the issue themselves. At the end of the day, you will settle for one that fits your needs the most.

Ensure they are versatile

It is important that the contractor you will be working with is as widely skilled as possible. This is because you might already have mold issues and, as such, your waterproofing contractor must know how to remove and remediate mold. Nevertheless, be wary of a jack of all trades that is only average at many things without being excellent at anything.

Don’t overlook the importance of communication

Finally, the role that communication plays during the entire process is very important. The communication has to be constant and also efficient. Therefore, you need to hire a contractor that will regularly keep you updated about every development along the line. The contractor must be ready to answer specific questions and provide specific details.