How Do You Take Care of Windows?

Doing window replacement for increasing energy efficiency and curb appeal isn’t enough. To get the most out of your new windows, you should show them regular care and maintenance. If you don’t clean your windows regularly, they will start to deteriorate and lose functionality. Here is how to take care of your windows, depending on material:

Steps for Cleaning Your Windows

Thoroughly clean your windows at least 2 times a year and follow these simple steps to do so:

  • Vacuum dirt and dust around and in the window (especially in the corners and sash).
  • Put cleaning agent mixture in a spray bottle and use it on the glass, sash and frames.
  • Rinse the window and glass, use damp cloths to do so.
  • Dry everything with a cloth or sponge.

Note: Remember to leave everything nice and dry! You don’t want a moldy sash later on.

Window Material

The most vulnerable window frames are those made from wood. Because this material is prone to rot, termites and mold, regular clean-ups and sometimes repaints are necessary. Other window materials such as vinyl, fiberglass and aluminum do not need so much maintenance. Also remember that each material is different, so the cleaning agent you use on wood might not be suitable for aluminum and vice versa. There are tips below for the type of cleaning agent suitable for each material.

Maintenance Tips

Cleaning glass and wood might be a hassle for some. It is completely normal since these materials are in reality hard to clean. To avoid doing some mistakes and damaging your windows, here are some useful and life-saving tips:

  • Use microfiber cloths for cleaning! Newspapers and toilet paper damage the glass.
  • Do regular window inspections to check if you need additional sealant coatings and repair.
  • Do not ignore glass scratches and frame cracks! These lead to severe damage.
  • Mind the age limit of your windows and do not push the boundaries!

(Aluminum lasts max 15 years, Wood lasts 25, Vinyl 40 and Fiberglass 50)

  • Regularly clean your window treatments as well. Their dirt and debris stain the windows.
  • Clean your windows on cloudy days, suns dries up the cleaning agent and leaves residue on the glass surface. Do not clean your windows when they are in direct contact with sunlight!

Cleaning Agent

As we mentioned, each material should be differently cleaned. However, there are tons of homemade recipes applicable to everything. But we are going to focus on the most successful ones! Here is what you should do:

  1. Mix equal amounts of distilled white vinegar and tap water.
  2. Mix mild dish soap with water, applicable to glass and frames
  3. For difficult stains, rub with a microfiber cloth damped with undiluted vinegar.
  4. For difficult stains on PVC and aluminum use a mixture of detergent and hot water.
  5. Lubricate locks and hinges with light machine oil.

And here are the cleaning agents and chemicals you shouldn’t use:

  1. Avoid petroleum-based solvents and chemicals damage the glass insulation.
  2. Avoid High pressure spray damages glass insulation.
  3. Avoid ammonia, abrasive and glass cleaners and other strong chemicals for wooden frames.