How Does Carpet Cleaning Impact Your Indoor Air Quality?

Carpeting can be a beautiful addition to any home. It can also be a magnet for allergens, contaminants, and various germs and bacteria that could make it hard to breathe. In fact, it can be downright unhealthy to be in the same room with a dirty carpet simply because of all the nasty things that get trapped in the fibers.

While that can be a good thing, the more dirt and toxins that accumulate, the easier it becomes for you to inhale those things without even realizing it. When you breathe those harmful contaminants into your nose and lungs they can trigger all kinds of allergies, irritation, and respiratory illnesses, making it tough to breathe.

Simply put, a clean carpet is a healthier one and it’s better for the air quality of your home. To better understand this concept, let’s consider how calling a carpet cleaner Torrance CA can improve you indoor air quality.

Dust Mites

They are just gross and if you’re not cleaning carpet on a regular basis you can bet those fibers are going to be inundated with these microscopic organisms. You’re not just dealing with the tiny critters themselves but their fecal matter and body parts they leave behind. All of it can collect in your carpet and if you aren’t having it routinely deep cleaned, you aren’t fully eradicating it all.

If that happens you can start to kick up all those organisms and their filth as you step on the carpet, sending it into the air and into your lungs. That’s when allergic reactions can kick in and you start sneezing and coughing.

Airborne Toxins

There’s more than dust mites in the carpet. But these allergens and bacteria can be eliminated through regular vacuuming. This is a great way to pick up the surface contaminants that are stuck on the top of the fibers before they drop further into the thick pile of the carpeting.

Much like with the dust mites that are living inside the carpet, these airborne toxins are caught by the fibers and prevented from floating around in the air. When you step on them you can kick them up and inhale them, if you don’t clean the carpet on a routine schedule.

Lower Immunity

It’s important to follow even the most basic carpet cleaning tips for managing the condition of your carpet because breathing in all of the harmful toxins and allergens that persist due to a lack of cleaning, professional or otherwise, can significantly impact your air quality and the health of you and your family.

As your body’s immune system is bombarded with all of the contaminants that collect within the fibers and get released into the air, it is forced to work overtime to protect your system and prevent you from getting sick. Carpets that are seriously dirty and left uncleaned for long periods of time are no longer able to capture the airborne toxins that are caught in the air. This makes your carpet a source of nearly unending allergens and bacteria.