How to Choose the Right Moving Boxes and Supplies?

So, you decided to make a big step. You are moving maybe to another state or maybe just across town, but either way, you need to organize everything and find moving company. Besides that, there is something more important, that is one of the essential things – you need to pack all of your stuff. But how to choose the right moving boxes and supplies? Well, we’ll give you an insight into this matter.

Starting with the packing process with the right moving boxes and supplies

First things first- you need to estimate how many stuff you have and how many boxes you will need. And trust us; if you do not plan this properly, you are going to be stuck in a vortex of your stuff and boxes in your new place. So, make a checklist and stick to it. Our first honest advice is that you can use this opportunity to get rid of all the stuff that you don’t need. It is usually clothes, but you can check all the things in your place. It will help you feel better and it will require less amount of packing and unpacking.

Making a checklist

Moving supplies

But, choosing a box is not that easy. They are often expensive because you cannot just buy a box- you will probably need packing paper that is much safer than using the newspaper. There is also bubble wrap for more fragile items. If you want to prevent moving things inside of the box, you will need Styrofoam peanuts. And there is also an option of foam wrap for the most sensitive and fragile items. And there two things that will become your new best friends in this whole moving process- a permanent black marker and a packing tape with dispenser. That way, you will be sure that your items are labeled correctly and that your boxes are properly closed.

Those are just some of the items that you will need and we just wanted to inform you about the basics.

Types of boxes

Yes, we know you are probably thinking a box is a box. But to be honest – not really. You have different packing boxes and so many ways to get them. As we mentioned, buying a box can be expensive since you need a lot of stuff besides just boxes. But back to the subject – types of boxes. We will introduce few to you so you will know what are you getting involved to:

  • Small boxes – The average size is 12in x 12in x 10.5in – and in these boxes you can pack your CD’s (if you still have them), books, small kitchen appliances or silverware.
  • Medium boxes – The average size is 16in x 16 in x 15.5in – in these boxes you can pack towels, pots and pans, some of your fragile items but secured.
  • Large boxes – The average size is18in x 18in x 24in – and these boxes can be used to pack up lighter but bulky items – like pillows, drapes, blankets, linens. Also, it can hold some kitchen appliances, toys, and lamps.
  • Extra-large boxes – The average size for these boxes are 23in x 23in x 16in. And here you can pack maybe some sports equipment and any other bigger things you might have.

Besides this, there are also specialized boxes:

  • Wardrobe boxes – and they have a rod at the top so you can hang your clothes.
  • Kitchen boxes – these boxes are specially designed for packing your glassware and dishes. With this type of box and a little of bubble wrap – you can be sure that everything will be in one piece.
  • Picture boxes – they are specially designed for pictures and mirrors. They have different sizes so any art that you have in your home can be safely packed.
  • TV boxes- they are designed so you can pack up your flat screen no matter which size is it.
  • File boxes –they are designed to keep your paperwork and all the files safe, and they are special because they can handle heavy files.

Types of moving boxes

Now you are familiar with all the types of the boxes. And you can now estimate which one you will need, how many, etc. And as we said, this can be quite the cost. That is why we are going to help you so you can find cheap or even free moving boxes on different places. Sometimes, your moving company can offer some free boxes. And we will give you examples where you can find the right moving boxes and supplies which are cheap or free – so you can save some money and maybe spend it on a night out in your new town.

Finding free boxes

So, now we can freely say you are on the hunt for the free or cheap moving boxes. You will have to get creative sometimes but at least it will be fun. So, you can check first on Craigslist is there anybody who is giving boxes for relocation. You can visit a recycling center and speak with their staff and try to find boxes. They can be a little damaged, but you can fix it. You can use a little bit extra of bubble wrap or tape it up with the packing tape. Also, you can visit your local stores, office buildings and ask around if they have boxes. It sounds silly, but they get a lot of boxes on a daily basis and they do not keep them. And the most important thing. Check with your moving company are they giving any free boxes. For example, Orange Movers Miami will give you up to 18 different boxes for packing. That will lower your cost, help you with organizing and it will definitely save you some time. It is much easier just getting boxes from your moving company than wondering around and looking for them.

Free boxes and packing supplies

Final day – moving

We hope that you have done everything from your checklist and that you will not have any problems moving. Just keep in mind that the boxes that were not made especially for moving will need a little bit of extra strength and to secure them with other packing supplies. You will have to assemble some of your boxes and tape them, but some will be already assembled. Just keep in mind that you need to secure things and find the right moving boxes and supplies. Those are the essential things of every move.

Some items are definitely harder to pack than others. Once you have the proper materials listed in this article, check out the infographic below for tips on how to pack notoriously difficult items!

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Infographic provided by iHaul iMove, Colorado Springs apartment movers