How to Identify a High-Quality Area Rug


Does the thought of buying a rug scare you?

It can be a significant investment, so before you spend the money, make sure your carpet was made to last a lifetime—and beyond.

Here’s Tufenkian’s guide on how to tell if a rug is of good quality.

Type of Material

Natural fiber rugs such as wool and silk are of better quality than synthetic fiber rugs, which tend to disintegrate sooner. Wool area rugs are durable and stain-resistant. Silk is also durable even though it’s thin, lightweight, and stretchable. This material stays in demand because of its luxurious look and feel.

Machine-Made vs. Handmade

Hand-knotted rugs have longevity. If taken care of properly, a rug knotted by hand may be passed down through the generations of a family for centuries. While hand-knotted rugs are timeless works of art, machine-made rugs only last about 20 years. Rugs made by machines are also not unique because they’re mass-produced.

Natural vs. Synthetic Dyes

Natural dyes don’t fade in the sunlight like synthetic dyes. You can find 400-year-old rugs with natural dyes that are just as colorful today as the day they were made. If you want a color-rich carpet such as an abstract area rug or a floral area rug, choose one with natural dyes to ensure color retention.

Pile Height

You can measure pile height by examining the depth of the rug’s fibers. Low pile rugs will last longer than medium and high pile rugs. The higher the rug pile, the more likely it will gather dirt, absorb stains, and get snagged. However, if a medium or high pile rug doesn’t get much foot traffic, it may last longer.



Identifying High-Quality Area Rugs

You’re now an expert on what makes a rug high quality!

Every Tufenkian rug is handmade and contains the finest materials available. Our yarn requires a high degree of skill to produce, using techniques passed down through generations.  The large amount of  human labor used hand card and hand spin our yarn means it is the highest quality material available in the marketplace

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