How to Increase Your Condo’s Market Value

Looking for a return on investment? Want to have a better chance of finding a buyer sooner? Here are the 5 condo upgrades that are worth the effort: 

1. Backsplash

Install a new kitchen backsplash to create an impression of a much more significant upgrade. It will protect the walls from water and add to the appeal of the kitchen. A well-installed backsplash will serve as the decor focal point of your kitchen. Choose the right colour and design that will complement the overall visual appeal. You can install backsplash in the bathroom also. Create that stunning look while you are protecting the walls from moisture and water.

2. Updating Bathroom Tile

Another condo renovation Toronto you can consider is whitewashing old bathroom tile. You do not have to replace your bathroom tile, whitewash it to give your bathroom a new look. Your bathroom will appear larger, brighter, and cleaner. It is an affordable bathroom renovation that will enhance the value of your condo.

3. Floating Shelves

To create more storage in your condo, consider fixing floating shelves to save space while providing storage. If you are looking for a way to create more storage in your home, choose this sleek and attractive design. They usually transform dull corners into aesthetic decor while helping to store away some items.

4. Opening up Space

If you feel “boxed in” as usual in a condo, it is because its space does not flow. You can contact a remodelling contractor for ideas on how to open up some of the walls and reconfigure the interior space. This will make the condo more liveable and appealing. After upgrading the condo, its value will have been significantly enhanced. You cannot go wrong with this project – it is the perfect way to maximize your condo space. It is a functional upgrade to the architectural design of the condo. However, you need permission.

5. Condo Dining Room Upgrade

The dining room is very crucial to the entire condo. You can install a bigger light option like large pendant lights or chandeliers. Also, installing more lights on the walls will make it brighter. Create interest in the living by incorporating a gallery wall and hand-printed designs to make the walls interesting.

If any renovation requires changes in the structure or design of the condo space, you must contact the condo board for the possibility of undertaking the project. Also, the electrical, plumbing, windows, and balconies should not be tampered with without consulting the condo board. Meanwhile, the original design has to be rebuilt to carry out some condo renovations.