How to Pick the Best Ceramic Tile for Beautiful Patterns

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The sheer abundance of showers is one of the greatest glories of the 21st century. Showers are a joy to use, and they are efficient with the use of water. Also, they afford you a wonderful surface with which to make ceramic tile patterns. These patterns can be created in different ways, each way having its pros and cons. Typically, there are two different types of ceramic tile used in creating ceramic tile patterns. They are the large format tiles and small mosaic tiles.

  1. Large format tiles

The large format tiles are usually arranged side-by-side, thus, creating tile patterns with variations in color and surface texture. Large format tiles have superior waterproofing properties. Obviously, the tiles are waterproof but the grouting that is placed in between them isn’t waterproof. Water can seep through the grout as it is porous. So, large ceramic tiles require less grout, thus leaving your ceramic tiles with less moisture problems. While this is an excellent quality of large format tiles, large format tiles usually don’t make the most artistic patterns.

Also, large format tiles have a smaller amount of sharp edges, since there are fewer tiles required. Large format tiles cost less too, so you won’t need many.

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  1. Smaller mosaic tiles

Small mosaic tiles are enormously resourceful since they are so small. They can be made into a number of patterns, from round to square patterns. However, ensure that the waterproof layer under the tiles are securely placed since there will be a bit of grout between the tiles.

However, the amazing variety of ceramic tile patterns small mosaic tiles allows is astonishing. You can make awe-striking tile patterns in your showers by connecting an interesting pattern with other colors and textures. Come to think of it, why would you limit these patterns to your bathroom when you have huge surfaces like floors and walls to work it?

It is important to know that small mosaic tiles have many sharp edges that can cut your skin if they aren’t set correctly. This can be a major concern if you have small kids or babies in the house since they are easily prone to injuries. If you want to use small mosaic tiles for floors and walls, you will need a lot of them. That’s why small mosaic floors are better suited for shower surfaces if you are working with a smallerbudget.

Tile patterns come alive when you exercise your creativity and consider your budget to create bathroom and shower surfaces that are safe, waterproof and visually beautiful. I often tend to look for a reliable supplier of tiles like to make sure my decision is matched with great quality.