How To Save Storage Space In The Bathroom

The organizing tool to use in your bathroom is none other than the zipperless zipper. Patented in 1955 as hook and loop fasteners, and made into the popular household brand name VELCRO®, hook-and-loop tape may have a noisy ripping sound, but the applications of what can be done with tie wraps are endless and can aid in relaxation and help save you and your family time in the bathroom.

Loop Tape In The Bathroom?

Don’t believe cable wraps can help you stay organized in the restroom? It’s okay; soon you will be convinced that touch tape tie wraps are a gift to your bathroom from engineer Georges de Mestral and his dedication after a walk in the woods. Try out some of these storage space saving ideas and start thinking outside the box.

Add Tie Wraps To Bathroom Appliances

The secret to an organized bathroom is cable management that incorporates touch tape. Purchase tie wraps that have elastic loops, so that you can easily re-wrap your wires and keep your cupboards organized and tidy.

Clear The Countertop Of Clutter

Instead of having a pile of bathroom appliances piled in a mess on the counter, hang your curling iron, hair dryer, and other handheld devices with adhesive cable catchers to the wall or inside a bathroom cabinet. Hold everything from makeup brushes to your toothbrush, shaver, scissors, hairbrush, or whatever’s on the counter hidden and out of the way with hook fasteners.

Hang Your Tablet To The Bathroom Wall

If you love taking baths and watching movies at the same time, use a piece of sticky-back cable fastener to a spot on the wall that is less likely to get splashed by the sink or tub. You can find adhesive cable catchers at your local office supply and hardware stores in the hook fastener aisle. Add a finger-ring phone holder to the back of your phone or tablet so you can thread the fastener to hold the device to the wall, this way you can avoid adding VELCRO® to your tablet or phone.

Hang Anything With Cable Ties

Build a pegboard on your wall to hang baskets, jewelry, skincare products or whatever is still on the counter. Find tie wraps that are wide enough to drill a screw to secure the loop tape to the pegboard. This way you can hang anything with a handle or keychain ring for a great way to have everything you need hanging within reach.

Buckets On The Wall

When you consider all the small products that are cluttered like a disaster area, head down to your hardware or office supply store and buy a pack of different types of tie wraps, grab a screwdriver and build a display wall filled with hanging baskets or buckets for each separate family member. That way everyone has their container to help them get ready for work or school in the morning or evening.

Now You See Why Tie Wraps Are Amazing

The sooner you start using cable wraps you’ll realize that loop tape has an almost endless supply of uses. Once you get a pack of tie wraps and try one of these storage space ideas, you’ll start coming up with even more ways to organize your home and life. Share with your friends and guests the possibilities of what can be done with loop tape cable wraps and get organized fast.