Important Factors To Consider Before Buying An Investment Property

Property investment is a major decision to make, but one that can bring lucrative rewards when done correctly. Choosing the right property for your needs and financial ambitions can take time and a fair amount of consideration. Before you take the plunge and sign any contracts, consider these important factors. Once you’ve ticked all of the boxes, you should have the confidence you need to make the right decision for your future.

  1. Will you buy land and property together? While some investors choose to purchase a property that’s already been built, others prefer to tailor the property to their specific taste and design ideas by purchasing land and having the house built according to their investment needs. This is a great option for investors who haven’t found a property that exactly fits in with their strategy. There are plenty of potentially lucrative house and land packages Melbourne that are worth examining.
  2. Where is the property located? Location is absolutely crucial when it comes to choosing your investment property. The wrong location could lead to major losses down the line, so make sure you do your research and keep your eye on the long-term prospects of the area. The location you choose will also depend on the type of investment you have in mind. For example, the right location for a commercial property will be very different from a residential investment.
  3. What are your intentions for the investment? Consider what the aims of your investment are. Are you planning to buy the property and then lease it out for a number of years? Will you live in the property yourself? Or are you planning to buy a property and then sell it on quickly? Often, the highest returns come from buying property and then selling it many years later, after the value has appreciated substantially. Your goals will depend on your own financial needs, but the property you choose will depend on these aims.
  4. Assess your affordability status. Taking out loans to invest in property can be risky if you aren’t truly rigorous in assessing what you can afford. Get good financial advice and be sure that you find a loan that suits your income and future earnings. Read all of the fine print before you make a decision, and be sure to shop around before choosing a mortgage. There are a wide variety of options out there, but it may take time to find the loan that suits you best. Avoid major financial problems in the future by only making commitments that you can truly afford.
  5. Consider the ongoing costs. Aside from looking at the price of the property itself, the deposit you’ll need, and the loan repayments, you’ll also need to thoroughly understand exactly how much the property will cost you in the long term to ensure that you’re profiting off of your investment. Will you be able to cope financially if your rental property doesn’t have tenants for several months at a time? If the property requires some renovations, how affordable will they be? Can you keep up with the maintenance costs of the property in question? What rates, tax costs, and levies will be required each year? Take all of these factors into consideration before you make your choice.