Information on Preparing Your House to Paint Exterior and Interior

There are many good professional house painters in Connecticut. Many of these companies provide both exterior and interior painting services in order to keep your home looking and feeling new. Professionals will take care of all your needs when it comes to house painting. Whether you need to paint the exterior of your home or update the look of your interior, you need to look for special qualities in a good painting company. 


Good CT house painters should provide the following painting services:

  • Interior painting
  • Exterior painting
  • Painting of molding and trim
  • Ceiling painting

Because your home is an investment, a good painting company will help you keep that investment in tip top shape. 

Tips for hiring professionals

Painting the Interior of your home is one project of home improvement that can promptly refresh your home’s interior for very little time or money. Here are several tips to help with the painting of the interior of your home:

  • Check for lead paint
  • Prep for painting
  • Ask about extra costs

Lead paint

If you have a house that was built prior to 1978, hire a qualified lead expert for checking before work begins. Some of these older houses can still have lead paint in the original paint layers and those layers need to be removed.

Prep for painting 

Preparation for painting is the firm foundation for the entire job. When done correctly painting will perform to its fullest capacity. But when done incorrectly the best paint job will peel, crack or chip easily. This means making needed repairs prior to starting to paint and dirty walls need to be cleaned particularly near the sink and stove. Deposits that are greasy as well as soap scum can interfere with the adhesion of the paint. 

Extra costs 

Moving heavy furniture may not be included in the professional’s estimate. So, if you can’t do it yourself, ask the professionals if there will be any extra charges. Having to paint baseboards of walls, crown molding, or ceilings that are taller than the average of 8 feet might also add to the extra costs.