Installation Tips for Residential Sprinkler Systems in NYC

The installation of automatic sprinkler systems may be quite the headache for high rise building owners with business occupancies, thanks to the retroactive regulations of Local Law 26 of 2004, but not so much for owners of high rise residential properties. That is because the retroactive regulations only apply to office and business premises exceeding 100 feet in height and owners  of residential properties may choose to either install sprinkler systems or not. That said, it is important to remember that most of the arguments that led to the creation of the retroactive regulations may apply to high rise residential buildings as well since their primary purpose is to improve safety in the building- something that is always good for any building.

So even though the law might not expressly require that you install residential sprinkler systems, it makes perfect sense to still go ahead   and install one if you are able to do so and you will be all the better off for it. However, if you choose to go with this option, you need to know that the installation of the residential sprinkler systems will be subjected to the same codes and regulations provided for by the NYC Department of Buildings. That means you will, at the end of the day, have to comply with the same regulations and the work will have to be inspected for compliance before official approval is issued. This is something that you might want to keep in mind and polish up on the existing codes before you embark on the project. Remember that there is no specific single code when it comes to installation of automatic sprinklers in any building but rather a collection of codes and regulations from different bodies so you might have to do some extensive research to make sure that you are conversant with all of them.

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Tips for Installing Residential Sprinklers

As with almost everything else in construction, planning is everything and when it comes to the installation of residential sprinkler systems then this is probably the most important tip you are ever going to receive. Other tips for success include the following;

  1. Hire only qualified professional construction engineering firms. They may not be the cheapest and you might want to save money by avoiding them but the fact is that they are the ones who can guarantee you the kind of quality service that you deserve. In addition, they are likely to be more conversant with all the regulations and codes which means that they are the surest way to guarantee complete compliance. Not to mention the fact that they have the capacity to deliver on time no matter how large the installation.
  2. Plot renovations closer together. If you are planning to carry out other renovations to the building in the near future then it is a good idea to schedule them at the same time as the installation of the residential sprinkler systems. By doing so you can save on costs and, at the same time, make compliance with NYC building codes much easier.