Interlocking Stones in Toronto: Design Trends and Installation Tips

Using interlocking stones is one of the most-prized and popular landscaping option among contractors and homeowners in Toronto. They have quite a number of benefits including cost-effectiveness, ease of installation and repair, low maintenance, sturdiness, and rigidity. Interlocking stones can withstand changes in weather patterns as well as heavy loads without breaking.

Since they come in a variety of shapes, colors, patterns, and textures, many homeowners who are looking for a personal and customized touch find them ideal for their needs. With them, you can even choose a theme such as contemporary, Old World, and the Mediterranean.

If you are thinking of installing interlocking stones on your outdoors, here are a few installation tips and design trends you can consider.

Installation tips for interlocking stones in Toronto

Like any other major landscaping project, installing interlocking stones needs some patience and time. Here are a few tips that will help you score high on the DIY project.

  1. Research

This is perhaps the most important thing you can do to make your project seamless and fun. Ask yourself the following:

  • What do you want to build and where? (Driveway, patio, walkway, etc.)?
  • Where can you get Toronto pricing sheets and pricing catalogs?
  • What are your preferred interlock patterns, styles, and design elements of the interlock stones?
  • Does the ground need too much preparation before laying out the interlock pavers?
  • How do you intend to do the measurements?
  • Will you need help leveling the ground and gathering materials?
  1. Budget well

Having a budget and sticking with it will offer you a high level of satisfaction once everything is done. Think of variable expenses (those related to the type, size, quantity, and color of the material), fixed expenses (sand and gravel used), and miscellaneous expenses (such things like disposal bins, rented equipment, and other accessories).

  1. Pre-order materials

If you want to be off to a smooth start, you might want to order materials ahead of time. Thankfully, Toronto has enough vendors who would be more than willing to sell and deliver their products and services (of course at a fee) any time. Most of the landscaping materials require a certain notice period to ensure items are safe so consider this as well.

Interlocking stones design trends

Homeowners in Toronto are slowly moving away from basic landscaping projects and looking into large format designs and clean, smooth textures instead. The goal for many of them is to combine a modern, urban look with a traditional touch for better aesthetics and luxury. This is a list of some of the common trends with interlocking stones in Toronto:

  1. Gray tones: Forget about reds, browns, and oranges; residents of Toronto and the world over are gravitating towards greiges, grays, and charcoals.
  2. Reclaimed wood look: This one is slowly coming back to the landscaping space, thanks to its low maintenance and weather resistance.
  3. Large format shapes: In a bid to get a clean, streamlined look to their outdoors, more homeowners are embracing large rectangles, squares, and circles.

That wraps the topic of design trends and installation tips for interlocking stones in Toronto. Follow the suggested tips and don’t be afraid to try your luck with emerging trends in the industry. Who knows, you can open your outdoors to a whole new world of opportunities you never knew existed before.