Introducing Monochrome – Hallway Furniture and Shoe Storage Units

If you are planning on redesigning a living room or hallway in your home, there is one style of interior design that can make a statement. The style in question is monochrome. Basing your decor on this style can elevate a room to high levels sophistication and elegance. In fact, including a simple feature that accentuates the theme, such as shoe storage cabinet or glass coffee table, offers the possibility of maintaining beautiful form and function in the decor solutions of this space. Listed below are our guidelines for enabling monochrome to work for your home.


Before choosing the furniture, upholstery and material you would like to place in the room, it is vital to consider the style. Examples include contemporary and minimalistic or conventional and rustic. Secondly, does the theme include a different scales of grey, or will it simply be black and white? A famous art movement that encompasses monochrome elements is Art Deco. Which extensively uses mirrors set alongside monochromatic schemes. When you decide the overall style, select the furniture and accessories appropriately.


Light is vital in making a monochromatic interior work. If not the internal space will turn out to be too cold. Introducing Chrome into your decor through highlights on furniture items such as Shoe Storage units or light fittings is a reasonably priced and elegant method to establish sophistication to space. Curtains are also imperative to a monochrome interior, specifically ones that are not heavy and allow external light to pass through. Colourful curtains may well add an interesting focus element to the room.


If you are keen to develop a calmer style, wooden furniture that has been tinted white can be an easy method to maintaining a rooms warmth, simplicity and natural light. Mirrors and glass coffee tables will help make a smaller space appear far greater as it allows daylight to pass through and reflect around the room.

Utilising patterns and colours in a monochrome area will allow you to focus guests eyes to a particular piece of furniture that you love. Think of a bright red sofa in a white space, which certainly has the wow factor! Allow pattern to add beautiful detailing to the room and explosions of colours and textures to create a welcoming and chic interior.

It is not complicated to make monochrome work, simply have a clear plan in place and follow your inspirations. So forget about a colour scheme and choose this stylish statement for your home. You might be interested in this unique Entrance and Hallway Furniture from Furniture in Fashion.