Ivy Gardens and the Right Buildings as Per Your Requirement

Ivy is one of the most widespread plants both in our country, but also in other parts of the world. Maybe that’s why there are enough people who do not give it the importance it deserves. The ivy is not an easily invasive plant that does not produce flowers! This is just a misperception of those who are in a hurry to see its benefits.

Flower of ivy

Ivy is resistant and unpretentious. It is varied as varieties and colors of the foliage. Although few know, she even produces flowers and fruits. However, in front of other plants with spectacular flowering, the ivy loses the battle. But what would be a floral arrangement without a ivy? Such as the gutted and old walls of old buildings? How quickly would wire fences be populated so that they would become real living fences if they weren’t ivy?

Arrangements with ivy and other plants

In the case of arrangements with several plants, the ivy gives a final touch. The ivy shoots are flexible, the foliage is beautifully colored and withstands insufficient light, direct sun, thick shade, irregular watering. Even if it does not remain without water for a long number of days, it retains its beauty.

When other plants are at rest, the ivy brings freshness to the building exterior, because it can be driven on various decorative supports and ultimately result in an attractive arrangement. It is endless in the mixed baskets with several kinds of natural plants. Ivy branches can also be used in bouquets with cut flowers, depending on the imagination of the florist or decorator. The assortments with hanging shoots are ideal for hanging baskets or decorative gardeners. When preparing containers with all kinds of flowers don’t forget the ivy,it helps you achieve even more beautiful results. With more info you can have the smartest deals now.

Arrangement with ivy and succulents

Exterior decorations with ivy

Outside, ivy has many uses. Old and uninteresting walls can be gradually covered with ivy. Depending on the purpose, the right variety is chosen. For example, for walls you need a variety that grows fast, branches intensely but does not penetrate the suction cups deep into the walls or window frames. Also, it is necessary a variety resistant to the intense heat of summer but also to the cold of winter. If you want to get a game of colors, you can use several varieties of ivy with foliage in shades of green, yellow-green, cream-green, green-red or even variegated. The range of ivy that is sold safely allows you all kinds of effect improvisations.

If you are afraid that the plants will not damage the surface of the walls, you can use sidewalks, but this will be a little headache. It’s easier to choose the right sort of ivy correctly.

The advantage of walls covered with ivy (or other climbing plants) is that they have much better insulation than before, moisture due to rain or snow no longer reaches the wall. Also, inside the houses it is cool and well over the summer.

You can use ivy to get a fast growing hedge, to improvise vegetation curtains to ensure family privacy when spending time in the yard. And if you have a dried tree trunk in the yard, you don’t have to worry about cutting it or cutting it: put it in the ivy. You will have a new life and you will get out of work.