Join John Beckley on his Journey of becoming an Artist

Art is a talent that is inborn, however; some people have the skill to become an expert with hard work and practice. Many people dream of being an artist but only a few have the skill and talent to take it to the next level.

In the present age where technology and devices are, taking control the value of the brush and paints is declining. This is the reason that journey of becoming an artist have become very tough. Today, the artists have to face many hardships in order to be recognized and to get the respect that they deserve. So we can say that after hard work comes the time of glory and fame.

John Beckley Abstract Art

It is the name that many people are aware of because of his success in abstract art and abstract painting. He started his journey in the world of art with painting. The moment that he realized that he has been born to become an artist he focused all his attention towards painting.

With hard work and dedication, he became an expert in the abstract art. It is one of the most difficult for of art because you have to make people understand the meaning of something that is even hard to give a shape. However, it was his determination that millions of people around the world know him. They all praise his work and it has been displayed in several galleries.


Some of the interesting facts that you must know about John Beckley are:

  • He is a professional painter since 2006

  • He is such an amazing artist that people around the world have bought his painting. In such a short duration he has been able to sell 2000 paintings that are considered an achievement for many artists

  • 9000 people follow him on facebook to know more about his work

  • 70000 people are following him on the YouTube channel

Mentor for the young artists

Through his journey, John Beckley has learned many things and he understands that it is hard to become an artist. This is the reason that to help the young artists or those who want to change painting into a career John Beckley has shared many helpful videos on his YouTube channel. In case that you cannot afford to attend the classes, the videos will be your best chance to learn every trick of painting.

Bottom line

In order to become a part of his journey make sure that you follow him on all his social media platforms. In case that you have any questions regarding art or painting John Beckley will be your best help. He will make sure to provide the guidance that you want. In case that you want to know more about his latest work and the rates of his paintings, you can visit his website. It is time to decorate your sole with abstract art.