Keeping Your Ductless AC Units in Top Condition

Remove the filters

The filters in your ductless units in Paramus NJ are among the most important components that affect the effectiveness of the unit. Properly maintaining them ensures that these filters remain efficient over the long term.

To keep your air filters clean, AC repair & install in Saddle Brook NJ professionals advise you to start by carefully removing them from the interior of the AC unit. Then gently wipe the filters clear of dust and dirt using a clean, dry cloth. Check the manual for information on how frequently the filters should be cleaned, which is typically every four to six weeks.

Cleaning the filters is especially important because they protect the rest of your ductless AC unit from dust accumulation. Having clean filters contributes to better quality of air in your home. If they get to a point where they can’t be cleaned or are too damaged, replace them.

Clean the condenser and coil

Make sure the outdoor portion of your ductless AC unit is well maintain. Seeing as this portion is important to the continued functioning of your AC system, you need to keep the condenser and coils properly maintained. Outdoor debris and dirt can quickly accumulate on your system’s outdoor component and hinder its function.

Turn off the power connection to all the components before cleaning, then use a regular garden hose to spray clean the outdoor component. Therefore, check if any of the fins are bent. If they are, use an alignment comb to restore them to their proper shape. Use a hand duster to remove final debris and ensure the unit is completely dry before switching the system back on.

Adding this task to your weekly cleaning schedule ensures your ductless units in Paramus NJ remains in good condition.

Clean the pipes

The pipes play a big role in emitting hot or cold air into your home. They are the link between the indoor and outdoor components of your ductless AC unit. If neglected, dust, dirt and other air particulates can accumulate and block fresh air from getting into your home. This obviously leads to the AC unit malfunctioning.

In addition to that, pipes can develop leaks that reduce the unit’s efficiency. It’s therefore advisable to check these pipes every so often to confirm that they are clear. This is an easy task to complete as you clean your air filters—don’t let the step fall through the cracks.

Check for snow or ice

Ductless AC units tend to collect snow and ice when they’re used for heating, and this can degrade their efficiency over time. Check your system’s exterior regularly for accumulation and gently remove it gently if you spot any. You likely run the unit frequently during winter. Make sure it’s well protected. Neglecting this task may lead to expensive repairs later.

Call a professional

There is certainly a lot you can do by yourself to ensure your ductless AC units are running efficiently. Still, you need to have AC repair & install in Saddle Brook NJ professionals to make sure all the system’s components are functioning properly.