Knowing When Your Water Valve Timer Needs to be Replaced

A water valve timer is important for gardening because they can help the owner to increase or decrease the water flow when watering the garden or planting. Water valve timers are popular because one can use it to automatically turn on the water sprinkler system as well as measuring the amount of water that is flowing through the sprinkler. A gardener needs to know when to change the water valve timer so that they do not waste water when not needed. Before replacing the water timer, first one must determine if this procedure is needed because the problem may be something that can easily be fixed. If something minor happened like a blown fuse, controller failure or failed transformer, those can easily be replaced by buying a new one which can cost a lot less then getting a new water timer. Before replacing the water timer, it is also a good idea to write down everything that is on the old controller such as the day to turn on the water, the time to start watering, and how long the water should stay on for each part of the day because one will want to put all of this information on to the new water timer when it is plugged in. Before replacing the water timer, make sure to disconnect everything such as the power and detach the unit from the water hose or sprinkler to make sure it is safe to work on the unit. After removing the water timer, take it apart and take note of all of the wiring, to know what wire color should go where. After that one can start to install the new water time on.

Many innovations have been invented to make gardening easy and efficient so when deciding to replace the water timer, one should know that new technology will most likely have new features that can help one to manage water more efficiently. For example today many things can be connected to the internet in order to send data about certain things to our mobile phone when we are away which is very convenient because we can monitor and keep our garden healthy even when we are not home and with the new water timer, one will be able to connect to the internet and get data on not only the water flow but also moisture, temperature, turn on and off water manually and many more, which allows one to manage their garden even when they are not at home. So replacing the water timer will depend on not only if the old one is malfunctioning but it also depends on the time and if the new invention will help one to easily manage their watering system.

There are many vendors out there like Zilker who is specialized in watering system and watering automation that can help one to implement and create an automatic watering system for their house. Zilker can connect to the user’s home WiFi and Bluetooth allowing them to know what is happening around their garden. The app that comes with Zilker will allow the user to control multiple Zilker valves and let them communicate with one another to manage the water much easier. Also, the battery can last a whole year on a full charge so the user does not have to worry about running out of power and not being able to control their water valve. A user just has to remember to replace the battery once a year to keep the water time running so they can manage the water and keep their garden healthy.