Landlords – Keeping your rental properties safe and secure

If you have a property you rent out, there’s a lot to organise for tenants, including security, security for the property and the tenants within

When it’s your house, it’s effortless to make sure you take the necessary steps to keep everything secure and effectively protected but when its not your own home and its somebody else its a different ball game altogether.

However, as a landlord there are many actions you can take to improve the security in your rental property and help it stay well protected and safe.

Always conduct a good background check on prospective tenants

If your a brand new landlord, you might not have a procedure in place for vetting and screening possible tenants.

As well as getting individual references from their previous landlord, it’s a good idea to also run a background check on your possible tenant. If your using an estate agent to let your house they can schedule this on your behalf, or you can do it yourself.

A full background check on a would be tenant will reveal any fiscal problems so you can make a well informed decision as to whether they are the right tenant for your rental property.

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Issue a security pack

When a new tenant moves to your property, it’s a good idea to issue them with a security pack.

Your security pack would include window and door keys as standard but also needs to include directions on how to use them along with codes for security systems, how to set the sensors etc. The pack could also deal with everything from not hanging keys up close to the letter box (where they can be “fished” for with a coat hanger) to keeping keys out of sight and clear of house windows.

Information like where to and where not to hang keys may be obvious to yourself, but others might not have pondered it.

Get a professional check

You may believe that your homes locks are in fine working order but arranging for your local locksmith in Bolton to come and take a look at security plans is a good idea.

Some kinds of lock may appear to be strong and safe but in reality are quite vulnerable to a practice identified as “lock snapping”. This is a new sort of forced method of entry allowing thiefs to attain access in a short time and with the minimum of effort. Modern uPVC doors mostly are vulnerable so you may benefit from a lock upgrade for those who have a standard euro cylinder fitted.

A certified local locksmith can evaluate your homes security measures and will make suggestions on vulnerable places and how they can be improved. If your security doesn’t require any upgrades, you’ve got the assurance of knowing that it’s been comprehensively inspected by a professional.


Intruders are keen on dim, dull and dark areas so outdoor lighting is always a sensible idea. Motion sensitive or timed lights work particularly well and will help make your property less attractive to would-be intruders.

Outside space

For those who have an outside space, make sure it’s neat, well-trimmed and not overgrown. A garden which has bushy shrubs and overhanging branches offers a lot of places for criminals to hide.

Keep everything trimmed back and neat, and not only will your property appear more appealing but it will be a safer place for your tenants too.

Good window and door locks are always going to be one of the first steps you take to make certain your rental property is secure, but locks are only the start. The above actions can help burglars go by your house and will keep your tenants safe while they are living there too.