Landscaping Service and Maintenance Myths

The first time you come to someone’s house you will notice their lawn and based on that most people will realize what kind of person lives there. This first impression is very common so it is important to have a well-maintained lawn. Many details matter like the size and how serious you are about it but most of the things you need to do yourself. By doing online research you will have an idea what it takes to have a great garden.

Some people, on the other hand, decide to get a landscaping service because they lack the time or they just don’t want to put the effort into it. There are a lot of myths regarding the service you can get and the maintenance and if you knew them earlier it could have been easier to take care of it. Another benefit is that you will save money by knowing how to properly take care of your lawn.

Watering the Lawn

One of the popular myths is that you have to water your lawn every day in order to keep it nice and healthy. Some people are doing this but they don’t have to because it isn’t true. This benefits you because you don’t have to spend money on water in large quantities every day. There isn’t a specific amount the garden needs because each is different.

Things like the grade of the land, soil conditions, age of the lawn, sunlight or shade and types of seeds will determine how often you will water it. But, usually, most of them don’t need watering every day. You also need to include rain. The thing you need to watch out for are soggy and runoff surfaces. It can happen that the surface won’t absorb water so well. Overwatering can even cause more damage.

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Grass Clippings

There is a myth that says that grass clippings are killing the lawn. Completely opposite, grass clippings add nutrients to your yard. This will actually help you with fertilization and saving money and time on it. One-fourth of the nutrients your lawn needs yearly are there and they are rich in nitrogen. If you want to save your money then the most eco-friendly option is electric mulchers.

The name for leaving your clippings is Grasscycling. The first benefit is decreasing fertilizer residue that moves through the soil and into the urban streams and groundwater. Because clippings are around 80% water, you will reduce the amount spent on the lawn. Every professional will recommend that you leave them the only problem is that it won’t look as great. Read more here.

Stopping Weed and Fertilizing

Herbicides shouldn’t always be used to stop weeds from growing. The most alerting myth is that you must use it always. You need to know how they grow in order to stop them. They will grow at the palaces in your lawn where they can get enough sun. When you do everything correctly when it comes to fertilizing, mowing and watering than the lawn will be healthy and thick enough so they can’t grow.

Some people think that fertilizing should be done only in spring. Professionals recommend doing it in fall and spring. The only problem could happen in mid-summer when it’s very hot. If the lawn is heavily used then you might think about doing it more often. There are actually studies about what is the perfect time to do it. By doing deeper research online you will have a clue what is perfect for your lawn.

Mowing Grass Super Short

When you are bored with mowing the lawn multiple times a month then the most common option is to shorten it as much as you can. This may save your time but the disadvantage is that it will make your lawn dry out quickly. If you call a lawn service they will say that the optimal height is between three and four inches. When it comes to handling stress, tall grass is better at it.

Tall grass will retain moisture and block weeds. You will see more weeds if the grass is too short because they can get enough sunlight to grow. Some professionals say that the number one maintenance mistake is moving off more than one-third of the height.