Moving Guide: Important Questions to Ask A Removalist Before Hiring Them

Moving house is a big undertaking and the decisions that come with it our even bigger. One of the most important decisions when it comes to moving house is hiring the Best Removalist in Sydney for the job. The right removalist can make your move a breeze, just as a bad removalist will make it a nightmare. So, how can you ensure you hire a reliable mover? Read this guide put together by AAA City Removalist on what you should look for when hiring a removalist.

Top 3 Questions to Ask A Removalist When Hiring Them

  1. Do you have insurance?

Ask the removalist for specifics on their insurance policies. Do they provide transit insurance to cover for your valuables being transported? Reputable removalists like AAA City Removalist offer transit insurance, Workers Compensation and Public Liability cover.

  1. Will you provide a definitive quote?

To avoid being caught unaware with a huge bill, make sure you ask the removalist for an upfront quote. Your responsibility is to be open and clear about the number of boxes to be transported and mention any fragile/special/unusual items that need to be transported that might need special care. It’s also a good idea to ask the removalist about any prohibited items so you can make alternative arrangements for those. AAA City Removalist offers honest, upfront quotes.

  1. Do you offer any additional services?

AAA City Removalist offers Free Utilities services and Free boxes to make your move easy and effortless for you.  Check with your removalist to see if they offer any complimentary services and how you can avail them. Getting as much help and assistance as you can will make the move a much more enjoyable and pleasant experience.

  1. Do you offer storage?

Not all movers offer storage. AAA City Removalist does. It is a good idea to check with your removalist to see if they offer temporary storage for your items. Imagine how easy it would be if you can store your items with the removalist and then have them brought to your new home as and when you need them.

It is important that you read and understand all the terms and conditions before hiring a removalist. A good place to start is to visit their website and read about their business practices, find out how long they’ve been in the moving industry and read any customer reviews that they have to gain insight into their business. Once you do your research, you will have a clear picture of whether you should hire them for your move.