My Hotel Shower Experience and How it Went from Horrible to Perfect

Hotels are places that are mostly used by tourists. I, for instance, have used and visited hotels and inns so many times in my entire life as a traveler. In my overall experience, it is rare to have an inconvenience, and most of them are only minor ones. But in some cases, major disasters happen during my stay; for example, there is a need to seal a shower in one of my hotel rooms.

Even though it may sound really horrible, and it really is, it doesn’t matter much to me as I’m thankful to this company that acted swiftly to fix a mess in my stay.

Professional Customer Service

One thing that deserves praise in this company would be their CS or customer service. Even though I’m not the one who has called them but the hotel management, they told me right off the bat that the customer service representative addressed the concern pretty quickly. This made me a lot more confident and comfortable that the issue would get resolved in a quicker way.

Having a professional and responsive customer service would ease the trouble and stress that people who have leaking showers are experiencing. It might just be a small thing, but this alone is more than enough for me to conclude that they are indeed the best service provider in Sydney. But hold on, I’m not yet concluding.

Plethora of Services

It’s not just shower fixing and shower sealing that they are capable of, but this company is capable of dealing with anything related to bathroom and plumbing. The wide array of services they offer is a reflection on how they are doing their best to improve and also impressing the customers.

Fast Response Rate

Not just the customer service is amazing and fast but also their response rate. After calling the management, after some minutes of waiting, the repair people have arrived. Their response rate, however, varies depending on the location of the commercial building. The closer you are from the company, the faster they would be able to respond. But nonetheless, their average response time is impressive, which puts them ahead of their competitors.

To seal a shower is a hard job, and letting normal people does, it would definitely take some time. That’s why I encourage everyone to never suffer from bathroom and plumbing services anymore as your salvation is here. Anything plumbing related can be now easily solved!

My experience to seal a shower is absolutely horrible at first, but when the right people responded, my perfect hotel stay continued, all thanks to them.