Needing Stairs? Here AreThe Reasons Why You Should Consider A Spiral Staircase

There is nothing like having a space-saving spiral staircase in your home. They are not only space efficient, but they add a lot of glamour into a home. These staircases make a lovely feature especially for urban dwellings who may have an elevated sleeping space or a reading alcove above the main living quarters. Below are the top advantages of having a spiral staircase in your home.

Creation Of Space

Perhaps the main advantage of a spiral staircase over a regular staircase is that they do not occupy the same space. Spiral staircases are kits that can actually fit where your refrigerator used to be. There are some considerations that will affect its sizes such as the incline and its steepness. The steeper it is the smaller the footprint will be and vice versa. Space is a very valuable commodity in any home as the abundance of it lets you put in more furniture or simply create more living space for that airy feel.

They Can Come In Kits

They may not even clash with the aesthetics of your home as there are many reputable companies who build these spiral staircases according to your specifications like enzie Spiral Staircases, who are among those at the forefront of spiral staircases manufacturing. You can either buy them in kits and assemble them yourself or buy a pre-assembled product. Having kits or even pre-assembled spiral staircases gives you a lot of flexibility when it comes to choices in terms of size and design. Although they may be built steeper than regular staircases, they more than make up for it in terms of saving space and aesthetics. Spiral staircases are simply beautiful inside a home.

Cheaper and Faster To Build

Because they are prefabricated, they are faster and easier to install than a regular staircase. You have the option to use wood, metal, and even plastics. They can also be a combination of all three materials. The possibilities are really quite endless. Most manufacturers customize their products for clients. The installation itself is low cost as most are built off-site. Many more can be assembled by the homeowners themselves, without the need for a contractor, thus cutting the costs down even more.

Access To Otherwise Unreachable Places

Whenever a traditional ladder or staircase is not feasible, homeowners may let go of that extra space above their heads because of simply having no access. The spiral staircase configuration will definitely solve this problem with the added bonus of aesthetics. Being able to fit into tighter spaces really comes into play whenever faced with space restrictions.


Spiral staircases can be built with plastic, steel, aluminum, and wood. It can be done a DIY style or contracted out, It can be pre-assembled. Such is the versatility of the design that it can be made to fit any design language in a home. For sheer practicality and adaptability, and if you need that extra space in a home, opt for a spiral staircase to be installed, it will give your home a more glamorous appeal, and give you unrestricted access to otherwise wasted space in your home.