Newer Approaches to Home Building and Short-term Accommodation (Sydney, Australia)

Some prefer to build their houses grand and luxurious. There are those that prefer to keep it simple and casual, though. Even with an abundant budget, others are simply more inclined to minimalist and affordable prices when planning to buy a house. Residential builders in Northern Suburbs frequently receive these requests because of a growing interest in easily-built and affordable homes.

Knockdown and rebuilds

This is a company’s way of making it easier for you to replace a currently-built house on your property with a newer building. This minimizes the cost need for you to move to a new house or to renovate it further. After all, years of use may result in more expensive materials that may be needed for fixing. Simply using newer materials for a longer lasting house is preferred by some.

Aside from this, clients are totally in control of these units. There are no hidden renovating costs as you have more independence and control with the creation of the house. There is also no stamp duty and no real estate fees. This requires you to have a current property of your own, though. Residential builders in Northern Suburbs are experienced with this type of construction.

Granny flats

Granny flats are a popular option for homeowners. This is because they are easily approved, with some only taking 20 days with planning and approval included. They are favored by those who would like to keep their elderly ones close to them on their land but with the independence and privacy that an own, enclosed home will give. New homes in Sydney may choose to include this part of the house for future use (for guests, elderly, etc.).

Aside from this, they are also excellent for those who would like to make short-accommodation businesses as granny flats can almost be considered a home on its own. Some owners may even divide a portion of their backyard or allow fencing for the home for it to be as independent as possible. Residential builders in Northern Suburbs take a client’s property and additional factors for the granny flat.


Depending on the original construction of the house, extensions may be added to it. Luxury home builders, in particular, have knowledge in creating this. A larger budget for constructions allows for the addition of rooms. This will depend upon the area’s zoning and council conditions. Builders will naturally guide users in the process of doing this.

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