Pawsome proofing your home

It is not all that exorbitant to pet proof your home or apartment, but it would save you a lot in future. If you do not like pets inside your dwelling place, well we are not in the picture, but if the scenario is different, we are into pet proofing your home.

Let us see how we can make your home safe for you as well as your pets. Chew, scratch, bang or rub are the natural instincts of your pets. Unfortunately, no trainer can stop that activity, but with a bit of planning and help from Fixr, you can reduce the impact to a very great extent.

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Think of scratch proof wooden flooring instead of carpeted flooring. Thus you can avoid frequent cleaning of the floor or carpet.  Pets are bound to wet, shed fur or scratch the surface.

And as a part of pet proofing, you are advised to keep those fragile articles out of reach from them. That includes breakable vases and show piece delicacies. We, Fixr, can pinpoint where all you could and need to do pet-proofing. You have to make doubly sure that those toilet cleaners, phenyl, insecticide sprays, etc. are safely hidden and unreachable to pets. It is also advisable to put a screen on the open window so that the pets do not escape or fall.

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The electrical cords, wires, junction box, and cables, need particular attention, to make them pet proof, you require assistance from us, the expert in this field. By taking the steps to pet-proof your home, you can not only help to eliminate these issues but make your home safer for your family pet at the same time.

A simple pet proofing project to protect your home- floor, wall, doors, furniture, and electrical fitting- from pets is the need of the hour.