Preparations to Be Done Before End of Lease Carpet Cleaners Arrive

While leaving the rental apartment, it is essential to hand over the place to the owner in a good condition. Right from the carpet to wooden furniture, everything that was provided at the time of entry must be given back at the time of exit. When you are not able to do so, the owner of the property has the right to stop the payment of the security deposit. The owner utilises the bond money to compensate for the losses of the objects in the property. Professional carpet cleaners can be booked easily these days. But, there are certain preparations that a tenant may make before the cleaners arrive at the place:

  • Vacuuming

End of lease carpet cleaning Melbourne experts find it easy to start their work if the tenant has already removed the soil and trash from the carpet. It can be easily done through vacuuming. People who have kids and pets at home should use a vacuum cleaner to remove small toys and wrappers that are often found on the floor.

  • Make Space for the Carpet Cleaners

If you have booked the best carpet cleaning Melbourne, then it is important to leave some space for the vehicle of carpet cleaners. It saves their time and efforts of parking the car.

  • Shift the Delicate Furniture

It is beneficial for the tenants to remove the valuables that are luxurious and expensive to avoid any type of loss. Things like glass furniture, sharp objects and delicate home decor items can be placed somewhere else until the cleaning work is over.

  • Relocate the Pets to Other Place

If you have helpful neighbours, then it is better to send the pets to their place. It would be fun for the pets to visit their home. If it is not possible to send them to an entirely new place, then send them in another room for a while. Pets may catch infections and allergies because of carpet cleaning products. Staying away from the site for a few hours can be a great option.

  • Prepare a List of the Concerns

No matter what queries come into your mind, you must ask them from the cleaners. The best carpet cleaning Melbourne experts welcome suggestions and instructions from the tenant. If you want the carpet cleaners to focus on a specific area or a specific problem, they will definitely do that.


The end of lease carpet cleaning Melbourne makes the moving-out process stress-free. With various techniques, cleaning products and machines, the professionals ensure that the tenant gets the bond back. Follow the above preparation tips to make vacate cleaning process quick and better.