Process and role of fire damage restoration services

The fire damage restoration process results in reversing the damage caused by the fire at your business area or home, and you’ll soon be able to get back to living everyday life. The fire and water damage restoration companies provide an array of services. They provide you with a full range of options offered that vary from companies to companies but you will find that the pattern is similar. In this article, we have covered the standard fire damage restoration process to know what you can expect and get yourself prepared in advance.

Process of fire damage restoration

Here is the process of fire and smoke damage restoration:

Step 1: Emergency Contact

Many companies that offer services of fire and smoke damage restoration also provide emergency services to give prompt services and immediate relief to your property. It is one of the essential features, and you must always look for the companies that offer you with emergency fire and water restoration services.

You need immediate fire damage restoration services because if it is not treated on time, then there is a possibility for the damage to spread quite quickly? Imagine the fire made a hole in your ceiling and then leading to circumstances where rain is coming in through and ruining your property. This would be the worst nightmare for you. If you leave the damage untreated for a longer time, the extent of damage increases. This is why you need to get instant emergency services instead of waiting for the problem to get more increase and get serious.

Step 2: Assessing the problem areas

The second thing fire and smoke damage restoration company will be doing the process is to assess the extent of damage on your property and how much restoration is needed. It usually involves looking at how far the smoke, the fire has traveled, and how it has affected your building.

This step is essential because it helps you understand the extent of damage done to the company, and then only you will be able to get the correct quotation about how much it would cost for the emergency fire and water restoration process.

Step 3: Sealing and Tarp services

Once the process of fire damage restoration starts, the top priority must always be to prevent the damage from getting worse. Like if you find any leaks through holes, then the fire damage restoration service company will start the process by fixing that area first. 

Many fire and water damage restoration companies that provide both services. This service sometimes becomes necessary because saying if the fire has led to the burst in water tank or pipe, you would need that too.

Step 4: Clean up

The fire damage restoration services begin with the clean-up part, and the process cleans away dust, smoke, and particles from the surfaces. As the fire starts, the property will begin to look stained, dark, and charred, so the first thing the fire and water damage restoration companies will do is cleaning up all the damage that has happened on your property and make it look as normal looking as possible.

As the fire and smoke damage restoration process starts, the companies will also make sure to remove any odor that can linger because of the smoke in the room. 

Step 5: Repair and Renovate

The next step is to start by repairing and restoring furniture that is damaged by the fire. If cabinets are destroyed by fire, then the restoration process will either replace them with new ones or repair the cabinets. Carpets can be newly installed, and walls can be painted, or wallpaper can be put back. The idea of this stage is to make your property look as good as a new one so you can go back to normal. The best restoration companies will take one step further than this, and they will not only offer renovation, but the companies will also repair your property. 

Step 6: Consultation

This last step is that when you want to complete the fire damage restoration services. You may find that the company provides you offer with some ‘debriefing’ and consultation. This way, you can prevent any future fire hazard. Sometimes there may also be a case that the fire damage is avoidable, and in this case, you must try every chance to avoid it.