Recommendations to Live Joyfully When You’re Old

Today I am 66 years old. I have had a good life and have enjoyed achievements, learned from failures, discovered my shortcomings and cultivated my virtues. Right now, in full age, I am living one of the best times of my life. I want to leave here some notes with certain recommendations that could be useful.

Learn Something New

Whatever it is but that you are passionate about or at least interested in. Nothing to do to be busy; get deeply involved in something that you are passionate about and therefore makes you feel alive. The very task of finding the reason for your learning, when you have not found it, is already exciting: you have a lot to look for, and doing so, you discover things about you that you probably did not know about.

Find Your Motivation

Put it in motion and cultivate it. There are those who believe, sincerely, that they have no motivation and do not know how to find something that will serve as an incentive. I will tell you what the basic motivation that we can all have: being alive and enjoying life is. If not, shoot yourself, throw yourself into the train or commit suicide quickly, because you are already doing it slowly: you commit suicide little by little living with reluctance to have no motivation to live at ease.

You Can Still Make Money

Age is no restriction for making money, as a matter of fact, there are a lot of renowned millionaires who had their big break from the old age. Invest in businesses if you can get enough funds. Real estate business is now made easy, you can buy houses through agents who take just a little commission. Lauderhill real estate is a destination to reckon with.

Another really profitable location is the Downtown.

Help People

In this era, there are numerous foundations, charities where you can help more people. If you have enough to give out in your old age, do it! It brings happiness.

Enjoy Your Family

Happy who has a family, and happy who does not have it. Have fun with your family, go on vacations buy a new house. Whatever makes you happy is ideal for your health. Don’t you have a family? No problem!!! You can still enjoy all alone, live in beautiful apartments with awesome views like Georgetown condos. Go hiking if you can. See a lot of shows. Just be happy.