Robin Hood Energy Joins hands with Nottingham City Council to eradicate fuel poverty

Do you feel suffocated with the unstoppable hike in energy prices? Are your home energy bills a big pain in the neck?? Well, not anymore if you are living in Nottingham as the local city council of this place has clubbed with Robin Hood Energy to ensure that it’s people are not hit by the inflation in energy prices. This plan was designed especially for people falling under the fuel poverty realm so as to curb the effects of fuel poverty.

Robin Hood Energy met the local Sheriff to eradicate the prevailing issue of fuel poverty and to take on the Big Six Energy companies. The method applied by RHE is that it works on not-for-profit basis and purchases energy from the National Grid so that it can offer low cost energy to its customers. Going by statistics, it was discovered that England has more than 2.3 million families living under the fuel poverty zone. This means one in every ten households face the low energy crisis and making matters worst are the heavy tariffs offered by the Big Six suppliers.

By switching to the Robin Hood Energy, you get a monthly home energy bill of £110 and save around £120 a month and £1440  a year. The company aims to offer green energy however, that may take some time as of now. The rates of RHE is lowest in Nottingham but as the idea is liked by other councils as well, there is no doubt that slowly other city councils may follow its footsteps.

Steve Battlemuch from Nottingham City Council says that “Although the very best tariffs go to Nottingham city residents, you can sign up to Robin Hood Energy anywhere in the UK and still make a substantial saving if you are switching from a Big Six firm.” The council urged its people to switch from pre-payment meters to smart meters as the former is the one of the most expensive bets to buy energy.

RHE also offers the lowest pre-payment tariffs but still insists that customers should switch to smart meters. In addition, they suggest people to switch from direct debit so as to make bigger savings. The combined efforts of the city council and RHE has given excellent results as Ofgem figures confirms that Nottingham residents save an average of £315 annually as opposed to the national average savings of £238 a year.

This is a great step by the city council and RHE in Nottingham as experts predict that the Big Six suppliers would increase energy prices in the near future. EDF energy has already started by raising 8.4% with effect from March this year and most of the Big Six suppliers are expected to follow suit. This makes it all the more important for the Big six customers to compare energy prices and make a switch at the earliest.