Rock salt – What are their uncommon uses?

We all know what a rock salt is but only a few of us know that its other name is halite. There are different types of salt, but probably one of the most popular types is the one we used to season foods or also known as table salt. A halite/rock salt is totally different. Its shape is irregular and comes in large crystals.

The uses of rock salts are as follows:

• Melt snow and ice –

Rock salt is useful in places where snow and ice cover outdoor spaces during wintertime. It can significantly reduce the piling of snow if you apply rock salt on the surface. As the snow falls, the salt melts it right away. It can also help clear the snow away, especially in places like driveways, sidewalks, and roads. The tires have better traction if you put rock salt on the road during snowfall. The rock salt can be mixed with sand to create an efficient tire traction.

• Kills weed –

Don’t you know that a rock salt can help a lot in killing weeds? Put rock salt on the ground and it gradually dissolves and seeps into the ground. In a few days, you will notice that the plants in the area will eventually die.

• Softens water –

Rock salt is tested and proven effective in softening water. As a matter of fact, it is one of the practical ways to soften water.

Rock salt is a useful agent, contrary to what most of us think that it is just for seasoning foods. In places where snow and ice pile up, a bulk rock salt can help a lot in keeping the snow to a minimum level. It also keeps the roadway, sidewalks, and public places safer for the motorist as rock salts, especially when mixed with sand provide excellent traction for vehicles.