Saving Electricity Bills at Home and Residential Units

There is no doubt that high electricity charges can put a hole in your pocket over a given period of time. This is perhaps why most people are looking for ways to reduce electricity bills in Singapore. The truth about this process is that there is no right and wrong way to go about it. This is why you need a starter guide which will show you how to reduce the bills you pay on electricity every month.

They may sound very simple but it is the small efforts that accumulates towards your bigger savings.

Unplugging of devices when they are not in use

Failure to disconnect your devices while they aren’t being used is only a sure way of spending more money. Even when they are on standby mode, they can still consume little amount of energy especially the television unit. Over the course of time, this will accumulate into something bigger. This is why the best option is to unplug devices that you aren’t using, especially at night.

Air-dry clothing

Instead of using a drying machine to dry your washed clothes, dry them outside today in order to save some money. In the case that allergens such as dust becomes a cause for concern, you can dry them indoor in a well-ventilated space. If you still want to use them, use dryer machines with a high energy rating system endorsed by the National Environmental Agency (NEA) as they are energy efficient.

Turning off your lights

Switch off the light every moment you are able to. For those moments where you go to the kitchen to cook or watch television in the living room, leaving the lights on in your room is a waste of resources. Singapore is a sunny island which receives sunlight often, use this natural lighting to lit up your space instead of relying on your light bulb. An alternative is to install sensors to effortlessly automate the process of turning the lights on and off.

Using LED Lights

LED bulbs are a perfect replacement for the normal bulbs due to their low energy consumption capacity. The fact that it uses less electricity and lasts longer than conventional bulbs also mean that it is good for the environment, as resources such as glass and tungsten needed to produce it will be used less often.

Using fans can help

Instead of using an air-conditioning system, you can make use of fans in various rooms around the home to reduce the heat and cool down. NEA stated that 24% of household electricity consumption is attributed to the use of air conditioners. Cutting down a quarter of your usage and replacing it with a more energy efficient fan is a sure way to reduce that monthly burden.

Switching your electricity provider

Do you know that by switching electricity providers in Singapore, you can save by up to 30% monthly?

The reason is that most times, these companies offer different electricity plans catering to different electricity consumption patterns. While doing so, their plans usually retail below the quarterly-revised regulated tariff. So, why wait?

Beat the prevailing electricity tariff by exploring different price plans that will help you reduce those utility bills.