Securing Your Property Before Taking a Holiday

Checklist For Keeping Your Home Safe During Vacations

Before heading off on holiday in your York Taxi, there’s one more task to complete, and that’s securing your property! Empty homes are a magnet for burglars, and after a great vacation, you don’t want to come back and find your belongings have been stolen.

Whether you own your home or are renting, there are some easy steps you can take to prevent intruders from causing damage to the property and stealing your belongings.

6 Tips for Securing Your Property Before Going on Holiday

Having the peace of mind of knowing that your home and belongings are secure while you are on vacation is priceless. We’ve put together a collection of six tips to help keep your property safe and reduce the chance of burglaries while you are away:

  • Tell your neighbours

Have a chat with one or more neighbours you can trust. Let them know when you will be away, give them a contact phone number and ask if they can keep an eye on your home for you. You may want to consider leaving them with a key and asking them to clear your mailbox of junk mail and collect any unexpected packages that are delivered. If you are a landlord and you know that you will be away for an extended time, remember to assign an agent to oversee the property for you.

  • Install and use an alarm system

An alarm system is an active deterrent when it comes to burglaries. Both the siren and lights are usually installed at the front of the property where they are easily visible. The system itself will likely contain movement sensors for indoors and possibly window and door opening sensors too. Make sure that your alarm system is monitored and that if activated, you are alerted and your home is checked upon. Installing a security alarm is also a great way to add value to your property, which is useful should you be considering selling it in the future.

  • Use timed and security lighting

Use smart lighting or set a timer for lights to go on and off at night to give the appearance of someone being on the property. Security lights are also useful, as they will be activated by movement and deter unwanted visitors.

  • Keep it locked

Double-check that all windows and doors are securely locked, including any sheds or garages on the property. If there are any faulty locks or hinges, now would be the time to organise replacements.

  • Put away valuables and useful items 

If someone was peering through your windows, what would they see? Make sure you keep valuables out of sight to reduce the likelihood of a break-in. Outside, remember to put away any useful items such as ladders, tools and furniture that may be used to help someone gain access inside.

  • Stop the mail

Arrange for your mail and any regular deliveries to be paused while you are away. A filled letterbox or parcels at the door are a clear sign that a property is empty. Ask your neighbour to keep an eye out for and collect any unexpected deliveries.

For further assistance in securing your property while you are away, it is recommended to contact a security specialist or local law enforcement. Have a great trip!