Sell Your Properties with Virtual and Augmented Reality

If you’re looking for new ways to drive your real estate business forward, consider introducing virtual reality into your marketing mix. Virtual reality tours allow viewers to explore properties from the comfort of their own homes and offices in great detail, at times that suit them. More and more real estate agents are feeling the benefits of adding virtual reality tours to their services. VR tours enable viewers to explore properties in an authentic manner without being rushed through the process to make way for the next set of potential buyers. Though many members of the public don’t own their own VR headset, the hardware is set to be found in million upon millions of homes across the world in coming years.

A driver of sales

Research has shown that virtual reality is having a substantial impact on sales, and it’s possible to add all sorts of content to virtual walkthroughs so pretty much any question viewers might have is answered online. Many real estate agents are buying VR headsets for their clients to use in their offices so they don’t have to miss out if they haven’t already purchased their own hardware. It’s also possible to add narration to the virtual viewing experience, with other online features such as search functions and mortgage calculators coming together with VR to create a highly immersive and informative experience.

Flexible viewings that fit around lifestyles

It can be hard for viewers with busy lifestyles to visit a large number of properties. With VR, they can easily walk through a string of properties in a short time frame, only visiting those that have won them over online in person. VR is also ideal for investors and buyers that are based some distance away from the properties in question, especially those who are considering buying property overseas. Software companies like Voxel are proving all sorts of hi-tech solutions for real estate agents seeking to incorporate VR into their marketing strategy.

Ideal for new builds and more

It’s wise to ask for feedback on the virtual tours that you provide so you can continue to make the experience richer, more informative and more immersive. Virtual viewings can take place at any time, around the clock, which makes them perfect for those that cannot look at properties in person during normal working hours. VR even makes it possible to show viewers what properties such as new builds will look like when they are finished, also allowing them to walk through homes that are in the process of being renovated. The vast majority of property searches start online, and more and more viewers are expressing dissatisfaction with simple still images and text when so much more is possible.

Guided and interactive tours

The two main types of virtual property tour available are interactive and guided tours. Guided VR tours are similar to promotional videos that can be viewed through virtual reality headsets. Interactive tours allow viewers to create bespoke experiences and click on hot spots, resulting in an experience that matches their specific expectations. Although interactive tours take more time and money to produce, the results can be extraordinary and incredibly lifelike.

Sell unfinished properties

It can be hard to sell properties that aren’t finished in real life, and stimulating interest in empty homes can also be tough. With virtual staging, you can add all sorts of appliances, furniture items and other facilities to houses to make them appear more homely. This makes it easier for viewers to imagine they are actually living in them.

Answer a host of questions

You can add all sorts of information to virtual reality tours so every question viewers are likely to ask landlords and their agents are covered. VR tours allow you to present the bigger picture to clients, and research suggests VR will provide $2.6 billion in revenue to the real estate sector by 2015. If you’ve ever found yourself trying and failing to explain what an empty or unbuilt property will look like once it has been completed, VR can address this issue brilliantly. VR tours can even be customised in line with client expectations, so you can show them what properties would look like if walls were painted certain colours, walls were knocked down and more. Why not talk consult a VR solutions company today to find out more?