Selling Your Properties Fast & At Its Best Possible Price

We cannot predict uncertain times such as selling your house way ahead and when such a situation arises you should make sure that no option is unturned . The most common plan of action while selling your house is to contact Faversham estate agents and estate agents in East Kent. you also need to get in touch with an independent house evaluator for getting to know the true worth of your property.

Once these steps are traversed, we have gathered some tips to sell your house quickly:

Clean the clutter

When you are planning to sell your house, look around the space and think about how many of the things you truly need. If you clear out the space, you will be able to have a clear look at your property. It will also make your house look more spacious. All that extra room will mean attracting more buyers. Potential buyers will have an easier time looking at a blank canvas and they will be able to visualise the space as their own.

When you are decluttering, make two separate piles of things that you will need in your new home and the other items that you won’t require. This way you will also save time when you are moving to a new place.

Consider a deep cleaning

After going through the clutter, it is the ideal time to deep clean your house. It is always important to keep your property nice and clean. This does not mean only running your vacuum cleaner on the carpets, you also need to check for limescale and any dirty corners in the house. Focus on the kitchen and bathroom. Keeping your property nice and clean will attract potential buyers.

Look for wear and tear

When you have been living in a house for some time, it is only natural to have some wear and tear in the house. These things might go unnoticed by you but will not be overlooked by any potential buyer. Look for cracked tiles in the bathroom and paint over any scuff marks.

Replace carpets and old wallpapers

Although it might require some investment from your side, if you replace any old tired decor then your house will look as good as new! It will increase the chance of selling your property faster and fetch a good price.

Check for stains and odours

Foul smells and bad odours can be a huge turn off for any buyer. So make sure that you are addressing these issues before your estate agent conducts a viewing of your property. Try to find the root cause of the smell, such as moulds. Check for any dirty bins. Ensure that the plumbing is working and keep all your windows open to let fresh air come in.

Keep the house’s  temperature-controlled

If you are selling your house in winter, nothing is more welcoming than a warm and cosy home. Similarly, for those preparing to sell their house in the summers, make your home a cool retreat.

Remove any personal touches

Potential buyers would not want to go to a house viewing that has too many personal things lying around. Remove any toys that might be lying around the house if you have kids, or walls full of family photos.

Keep your garden tended

If you have a garden on your property, keep your garden mowed and the bushes trimmed. This will provide a good impression of the property overall. Keep all the bins out of sight. Any outdoor spaces need to be kept clean and tidy and in good condition. Spend some time cleaning your windows.

How to maximise the price of a property?

Selling a house is no easy feat. especially if you are new in the market, then trying to get a good price for your property might become difficult. Here are some tips to increase the price of the property:

  • Keep all your documents ready
  • Spruce up your property and keep it well maintained
  • Spread the word and use a various marketing techniques
  • Use realty portals to post ads
  • Keep a fair price bracket for your property by using house evaluation
  • Take help from estate agents
  • Be careful when dealing with buyers

In a nutshell,

When you decide to sell your property and do it quickly, there are some robust steps that you can take up to ensure that the process is done quickly. Hiring estate agents is one of the biggest help in the process. We hope this blog provided you with some important tips and strategies to sell your house quickly and get a good price.

Infographic on the current situation of homesellers as mortgage rates and prices continue to rise

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