Services Offered by Plumbing Firms

The usual association with the phrase ‘plumbing firm’ is of a company which is ready to assist when you have a leak.  You may also consider them when you are installing a new faucet or similar item of plumbing.  However, a plumbing firm offers much more than just an emergency response service.

In fact the best plumbing firms will offer an impressive range of services:

Air Conditioning

There are many plumbing firms based in warmer climates who offer air conditioning services.  There are a variety of different types of air conditioner; many of them need to be installed by a registered plumber to ensure they work correctly and excess fluid drains away.  If you are looking for this type of product then you should visit Smile Heating & Cooling; they have a good range of units; simply look for Regina air conditioning to see what they have to offer.


You are probably aware that a plumbing firm will offer installation services; particularly if you are after a new bathroom or similar.  What you are probably not aware of is the fact that a good plumbing firm will advice on an installation before you even start work.  Firms like Regina air conditioning will have a good knowledge of the pipe work in a house, or can trace them.  They will then be able to advise which will need to be moved and the best way of doing this both safely and cost effectively.

You do not even need to use their firm for the installation although there will be obvious benefits from doing so.

Flood Damage

Plumbing firms are able to assist with flood damage.  They can, of course, act as an emergency repair service to stop a leak and potentially prevent a flood occurring.  However, many firms are actually ready to assist if you suffer flood damage.

The issue is not with removing the water; this is a fairly straight forward process of bailing out.  What will always cause problems is the drying out of your walls and floor.  If this is not done completely you will find you develop rising damp and other fungal infections; which can damage your health.

Plumbing firms can bring in equipment to help dry the property properly.  They can then assess the pipe work and confirm any repairs which need to be done.


Just as Regina air conditioning can cool your home; they can also help to heat your home.  Although many air conditioners can warm a room they are not usually considered a powerful enough heat source to be used all the time.

There are actually many different ways of heating your room; ranging from traditional central heating, to under floor heating or even oil or gas fired boilers.  Even the power source for these heating projects can be unconventional.  A plumbing firm will be able to advise regarding the options to power your heating system although you may need an electrician to complete any installation.

Regina air conditioning offers a wide variety of different units to fit any need; it is worth calling your plumbing firm now to find out how they can help with your next project!