Several Ways You Can Prevent Blocked Drains

Blocked pipes that are slow to drain and emit foul odours are a common household complaint. Some of us haven’t yet realised that our sinks and toilets are not an extension of our bins, and so after years of abuse, the drainage infrastructure within our home just gives up.

Thankfully, these problems can be solved and prevented from occurring again. Read on to find out what you can do to better look after your drainage system.

Watch What You Flush

The only thing that should be flushed down any toilet is human waste and toilet paper. Heavy kitchen towel is too thick to be broken up like it needs to be, resulting in it getting caught within your drains and sitting there. Exactly the same issue takes place with used sanitary products which also need to be disposed of in a bin and not your toilet.

Following this advice will keep your foul sewer pipe clear and working efficiently.

Watch What You Pour Down the Sink

The sinks and basins within our kitchens and bathrooms are another source for problems. There is a good reason that most will now come fitted with a strainer, designed to prevent the passage of unwanted waste matter and foreign objects.

Although messy, waste cooking oil needs to be disposed of somewhere that isn’t your plug hole. Whilst it will go down in liquid form, it quickly solidifies once cool, wreaking havoc with your pipes. Consider collecting it in a large container and disposing of it properly or using it elsewhere.


Bleach can provide an effective form of preventative maintenance in keeping your pipework clear. Once deposited, bleach will destroy bacteria and help to breakdown any organic matter that has found its way into your drain.

Do be careful of excessive bleach use in homes with a sceptic tank. Bleach can actually kill the bacteria that helps to breakdown human waste, remove the ability to prevent smells.

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Use Your Plunger

The simple plunger is a great tool in your arsenal for keeping on top of potential blockages. If you notice your sinks draining a little slower than they used to, reach for your plunger to help keep things moving. Acting now will prevent the blockage from becoming any bigger, helping you to avoid costly remedial work.

Keep an Eye on Loose Hair

Shedding hair is part of life. What we can do is make sure that it doesn’t find itself entering our shower drains, causing a mess in the process as it wraps itself around various pipework. A shower drain filter works wonders in this regard.

A Cure for Your Blocked Drains

There are times when despite our best efforts, we’re just a little too late. For these cases, you’re going to need to call in the specialists. Blocked drains in Melbourne and the surrounding areas can be taken care of by one of many drainage companies. Most will offer a 24 hour emergency call out in case you find yourself caught short. If your drainage system is in need of repair, they will also be able to assist by replacing sections of pipework as required.

A blocked drain need not be stressful with the right tools at your disposal. And for those emergencies, you can always count on the support of the experts.